Fortnite Is Featuring An Avengers Mode In Honor Of The Official Release For Avengers: Endgame

Fortnite Is Featuring An Avengers Mode In Honor Of The Official Release For Avengers: Endgame
Credit: Whelsko via Flickr (license)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, you know Avengers: Endgame hits theaters worldwide on Friday. It’s the conclusion of the Infinity War Saga, featuring the purple titan Thanos. Will he prevail or will the Avengers take him down and restore all that was lost? That remains to be seen, but we do know Fortnite is dedicating a mode to this mega-blockbuster.

We’ve already seen this battle royale game feature Thanos and all of his purple glory. Players who grabbed the Infinity Gauntlet first became Thanos, who wielded all sorts of amazing abilities for the duration of the game. So, what does this new Avengers mode entail? Let’s find out.

The mode, appropriately named Endgame, will feature two teams. The Avengers versus Thanos and his Chitauri warriors. The good guys must stop Thanos from getting the Infinity Stones, much like what was portrayed in the movie.

Those representing the evil side will control Chitauri warriors via laser rifles. The first warrior that ends up finding a stone will get to become the all-powerful Thanos. This is a huge reward as you’ll have access to all sorts of powers. For example, you can use beam attacks to do critical damage to enemies. You also have super-jump capabilities. And of course, you look exactly like the Thanos that has been portrayed in the Marvel movies.

Now, here is where things get interesting. On the Avengers side, there will be weapons of some of your favorite superheroes to pick up. These include Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s Repulsors, and everyone’s favorite, Thor’s Stormbreaker ax. These weapons have been depicted so heavily in the movies, and finally, you get to use them in amazing battle royale action.

Finding these weapons will involve searching the map for special chests. They’re spread out pretty good, so in order to gain a strategical advantage over Thanos and his minions, you’ll need to spread out and work together. The weapons unload brutal damage and will be key in defeating Thanos.

If Thanos and his team can collect all of the Infinity Stones, then players on the Avengers side will no longer be able to re-spawn. You thus have added incentive to stop Thanos from collecting all of the stones.

Endgame mode sounds like an amazing time, even if you’ve never played Fortnite before. The game is completely free, so it might be worth checking out before the official movie hits the silver screens.