Monster Energy Supercross Is Still Available For Free For PlayStation Plus Subscribers Until January

Monster Energy Supercross Is Still Available For Free For PlayStation Plus Subscribers Until January
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

We’re almost out of December, which means a new list of free January games for those with a PlayStation Plus membership. If you’re a subscriber and have yet to pick up the December titles, you still have a couple of days left.

That means the unique dirt bike simulator Monster Energy Supercross is still yours to claim for absolutely no charge. If you like racing games, then this is an amazing offer you don’t want to let slip through your fingers.

Motocross is a pretty action-packed sport beloved by many around the world. The developer took that same intensity and incorporated it all throughout this realistic and adrenaline-pumping game.

Everything in Monster Energy Supercross is official, from the riders to the tracks. Thus, if you’ve followed this sport for a long time, you’ll enjoy seeing all of the realistic details dialed in perfectly from the people at Milestone S.r.l.

If you’re looking for a gripping mode to get immersed in, then career is where you’ll be spending most of your time. There are so many tracks you’ll have the pleasure of racing on as you try to crack the top ranks in this highly competitive sport. When you’re not competing for first place, you’ll have plenty of ways to customize your rider and bike.

There is even a track editor in this game, which is perfect if you want to put your creative skills to the test. There are so many aspects you can customize, from the angle of the turns to the jumps. There’s nothing like pouring hours into a track and finally racing on it. You feel like an actual track engineer with all sorts of resources at your disposal.

If you like what you’ve created, you have the ability to share it with the community. Or, you can visit this area to see what other passionate motocross fans have come up with. Thanks to this editor, there is so much value in this game. There are always tracks to check out and they’re updated on a frequent basis.

The developers spent so much time dialing in all of the right aspects of this game. It’s what you would expect in a game officially licensed by Monster. Whether you’re looking to get wrapped up in a pretty detailed career mode or want to show off your creative side using the track editor, Monster Energy Supercross has it all.