French Consumers’ Association Names Nintendo Switch Most Fragile Product Of The Year For Joy-Con Issues

French Consumers’ Association Names Nintendo Switch Most Fragile Product Of The Year For Joy-Con Issues
Credit: Nintendo Switch Website

The Nintendo Switch quickly rose to popularity but isn’t perfect. There were a few issues players had, which gamers in France noticed.

Several issues were found within the Nintendo Switch’s detachable Joy-Cons.

This Summer, gamers reported ongoing issues such as a “drifting” problem and were not responding correctly. This caused players to make several mistakes when playing their favorite titles.

If gamers wanted their Joy-Cons fixed, they had to send them into Nintendo. Luckily, this was free, but cost players some valuable playtime. Unfortunately, some gamers across the globe have to pay to resolve the issue. In France, customers are forced to pay 45 Euros to have their Joy-COns repaired if they don’t have proof of purchase.

Some gamers were so upset about the issue that they banded together and filed a class-action lawsuit.

The French consumers’ association announced that Nintendo was one of their worst products of the year. The main reason was because of the sensitive Joy-Con issues. They believed that Nintendo took too long to recognize and sort out the issue since the original console’s release in 2017.

If Nintendo Switch players are frustrated with their consoles but don’t want to give up on the exclusive library, there are other options.

The Nintendo Switch Lite focuses on the handheld style of play. It does not have detachable Joy-Cons like the original model, which may be more in line with certain gamers’ playstyles.

There is a significant drawback to the Lite, as well. If gamers run across issues with the built-in Joy-cons, they have to send in the entire console to Nintendo for repair. There’s a possibility Nintendo will have to perform a factory reset, which will erase all user data.

Ultimately, it’s up to gamers if they would rather buy a new pair of Joy-Cons, risk losing their data, plus lose playtime to have them repaired. Without any proof of purchase, it can be both a lengthy and costly process.

From the most recent update this Summer, it seems that Nintendo is currently working on resolving the issue. Time will only tell if the newer models of Joy-Cons will be fixed or if gamers will continue to run into the “drifting” problem.

Both the original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are available now.