League Of Legends Bottom Carry Kai’Sa Received Seven Skins In A Short Period Of Time While Others Got None

League Of Legends Bottom Carry Kai’Sa Received Seven Skins In A Short Period Of Time While Others Got None
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Since coming out in 2018, Kai’Sa has been treated to a variety of unique skins. In fact, the League of Legends champion has averaged a new skin every 136 days, according to a Reddit post.

The post, as well as the League Skin Catalog on the League wiki page, highlighted the fact that Kai’Sa has received a total of seven skins in a period of time where several champions have received none. Kai’Sa first got Bullet Angel on the champion’s release in March 2018 and it was followed by KDA and KDA Prestige later in that same year. In 2019, Kai’Sa received two skins, iG and Arcade.

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Later this month, Kai’Sa is set to get two more skins in the form of KDA All Out and KDA All Out Prestige.

Conversely, Skarner has gone 1,997 days without a new skin. Both Shyvana and Kalista are yet to receive skins since 2016, while Azir, Quinn, Zac, Ornn, and Singed last got theirs in 2017. Gragas and Nasus mains haven’t gotten to try out a new skin on their champions since early 2018.

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Skarner has accumulated just four since his 2011 release, marking an average of almost three years between each skin. Granted, Skarner’s audition for K/DA was more like a sting than a treat to the eyes. To rub more salt into his wound, new star Seraphine’s Runeterra lore makes use of one of his fellow Bracken’s crystals as a floating sound amplifier.

There’s some reprieve for Skarner mains, however. The drought is going to continue for a bit longer, but Riot previewed a new skin for the scorpion jungler last month that looks pretty sweet.

Thankfully, for players of Skarner, Ornn, and Zac, the three champions will get new skins soon, according to Riot. Kai’Sa players will be able to purchase two unique KDA All Out skins on Oct. 28.

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While Riot Games is a business after all and needs to create profitable skins, they can’t ignore the mains of lower picked champions. They must funnel resources into skins for underperforming champions sometimes to garner the player base’s loyalty. While players had to wait almost five years to get a skin, it should be understood that the champion doesn’t sell and doesn’t have a huge fanbase. Riot said multiple times that having marketable champions is important since it allows them to finance all these large-scale events worldwide. Without money from skins, League would most likely be forced to go towards a pay-to-play model to ensure that the company survives.