League Of Legends Streamer Covered K/DA Popstars On Ukulele, Impressing The Audience Watching Her

League Of Legends Streamer Covered K/DA Popstars On Ukulele, Impressing The Audience Watching Her
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Twitch streamer Faezaria recently performed her own interpretation of the popular song “POP/STARS” by League of Legends K-pop group K/DA.

This awesome cover of the track was played on a ukulele and impressively captured the same vibe of the original song.

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Faezaria is a music streamer and cosplayer who often livestreams her own renditions of popular songs. She is notorious for covering popular songs from different games. From rock to classical, she covers them all. She recently gained the love of League of Legends fans as well for covering this song. Due to the support she received, she promised to cover more songs, be it K/DA or True Damage in the near future.

“POP/STARS” was released as a promotional track for the 2018 League World Championship. Most recently, the group released its second track titled “The Baddest” to feature at the 2020 League World Championship.

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On top of this, the group will release an EP on Nov. 6 titled All Out. Riot has also showcased the upcoming K/DA All Out skin line to partner with this release. Skins for Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’Sa, and Akali will be added to League later this month with the addition of the game’s next champion, Seraphine.

A couple of days ago, fans found Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud pages for a relatively unknown singer and songwriter named Seraphine, and now, she has released a cover of K/DA’s POP/STARS.

Earlier this year, Riot gave a couple of hints regarding the next two champions that would be joining League in 2020. One was a “thrillseeking marksman” that many people believe will be named Samira, while the other would be a “sensational mage.”

This title could be given to a musically talented star that steps onto Summoner’s Rift. This cover is one of the first times that people have seen Seraphine linked directly to League content. Yesterday, the artist posted a snippet of her cover, which caused people to immediately think that she would be collaborating with K/DA.

Two years ago, K/DA sang POP/STARS for Worlds 2018. The K-pop group recently announced that they have returned and will be pre-releasing a new single on Thursday, Aug. 27. Although there isn’t any information yet, the League community would explode if Seraphine ended up having a feature in a future K/DA song.

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If you want to keep an eye on Seraphine for more clues on her possible addition to the League roster, you can check her out on her various social media platforms.