Team SoloMid Allowed Substitute Support Treatz To Explore Opportunities For Upcoming 2021 Season

Team SoloMid Allowed Substitute Support Treatz To Explore Opportunities For Upcoming 2021 Season
Credit: TSM via YouTube

Following another up-and-down League of Legends season, TSM has given Academy support and previous LCS starter Treatz permission to explore other opportunities for next year’s competitive season. The 24-year-old said he’ll be considering positions in both North America and Europe in 2021.

Treatz joined TSM at the end of 2018 after having jumped around from various European teams like Giants Gaming, Team ROCCAT, and Movistar Riders. He played in the NA Academy scene for an entire year alongside budding star AD carry Tactical until the latter was picked up by Team Liquid.

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While Tactical finally got his chance to start for an LCS team, Treatz remained with TSM’s Academy squad until this past July where he split some stage games with Biofrost during the 2020 Summer Split.

During the eight games in which he played, he had an impressive 11.7 KDA with 65 assists and five kills, according to Oracle’s Elixir. He also had a 79.5 percent kill participation percentage in that short span. But his playstyle didn’t seem to mesh well with Doublelift’s aggressive laning preferences. As a result, the team went back to playing with Biofrost for the rest of the season.

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TSM eventually won the 2020 LCS Summer Split. But at the World Championship, the team failed to record a single win in their group. In fact, they ended up becoming the first No. 1 seed from a major region to record a winless group stage in Worlds history.

Treatz also came to Shanghai as the team’s one substitute but never got a chance to play on stage, even when TSM were already eliminated from the tournament after their fourth loss to Fnatic. Treatz became notorious during his time on the Chinese super server. He was the first player to reach 1,000 LP.

At the time of this achievement, he surpassed Fnatic’s top laner Bwipo by 10 LP, acquiring the top spot on the Chinese super server between all League of Legends worlds participants. The second North American player is FlyQuest’s jungler Santorin, who only has 700 LP and is ranked seventh across other pros.

Treatz began his professional career in 2015 and has played for multiple teams in the span of three years. In December 2018, TSM acquired him for their Academy Roster. TSM won the Spring Split 2019 playoffs with a 3-1 score over Cloud9’s Academy team. Following that dominant performance, Treatz was seen as one of the best NA Academy supports.

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Following a mediocre Summer Split in 2020, TSM brought in Treatz from the Academy roster instead of Biofrost for week six of the Summer Split. TSM bounced back and won the Summer Split, but there was some indecision involving the support situation ahead of playoffs. TSM tweeted that they’d choose “the better player” for the upcoming LCS Summer Split playoffs matches, in the end bringing Biofrost back over Treatz.