Former SK Gaming Jungler ‘Selfmade’ Joins The Fnatic Squad For The 2020 Season

Former SK Gaming Jungler ‘Selfmade’ Joins The Fnatic Squad For The 2020 Season
Credit: Selfmade via Twitter

After the rumors about Fnatic’s jungler, Broxah, leaving appeared in the scene, fans and analysts have started speculating about who might be the next jungler for the team.

There was one name, which was the most common within all the rumors, Selfmade. Yesterday, the move was announced officially.

Oskar ‘Selfmade’ Boderek began his League of Legends esport career in 2017 for the team ThunderX3 Baskonia. His stay in the team was not for an extended period; after his play in the team, he was approached by the Spanish Academy team MAD Lions.

He was very successful in MAD Lions, and most of his teammates found homes in LEC teams. The Mad Lions squad was formed of Werlyb, Selfmade, Nemesis, Crownshot, Falco, and coach Araneae. They have won the Spring and Summer Playoffs of the Spanish League. Managed to achieve first place in the European Masters event and also defeat Giants convincingly in a 3-1 during the Iberian Cup.

Due to their success, they were approached by LEC teams when franchising started; Nemesis was taken by Fnatic in place of Caps, who has left for G2. Selfmade with Crownshot joined the SK Gaming squad. While Nemesis was successful in the Fnatic squad and managed to reach World Championship quarters, Selfmade did not have that much success on the SK Gaming squad, losing first round to Splyce in the Spring playoffs and not achieving playoffs in Summer. Due to their standings, they were not able to have enough championship points for the regional gauntlet.

The roster change is expected to benefit Fnatic, considering the previous mid/jungle synergy Selfmade has built with Nemesis while playing for MAD Lions.

This year, Fnatic had multiple issues across the split. In their vlogs, a tensioned situation between all players could be observed. As a comparison, in the G2 Esports communications released, they were goofy and accepting their losses with dignity and admitting blame. In the Fnatic videos, you could see people arguing, but no one would directly take responsibility. Broxah, their jungler, was targeted and harassed by the community all year-long in their losses.

As a result of the backlash from the community, Broxah released a statement and said that he is friendly to everyone and that the community speculations and rumors are unfounded. When the last-year mid laner, Caps, departed to G2, he made some comments about this situation as well. It looks like the case is not new in the Fnatic squad, Youngbuck, the head coach confirmed it as well after he has departed for Excel Esports.

How will Fnatic perform this year with Selfmade is a sight to be seen, will they reach the World Championship again? Will they be able to defeat the crowning LEC champions, G2 Esports, with their newly acquired jungler?