Halo: The Master Chief Collection May Yet Have A Controversial Function

Halo: The Master Chief Collection May Yet Have A Controversial Function
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Two months after first bringing up the notion, 343 is once more asking Master Chief Collection users if they think micropayments are necessary. The group in charge of the collection has once again hinted that they may appear, but the statement it delivered to gamers back in June is essentially the same.

The second statement about potentially redeemable Spartan Points comes from the most recent blog post from 343 and is quite relevant (thanks, Kotaku).

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For gamers who discovered that specific hill to be daunting to climb or who simply wanted to button up the last of the stuff they have to earn, the news article states, “We are researching the inclusion of purchasing Spartan Points.”

Furthermore, 343 admits that it was a contentious move to declare that microtransactions would be added to Halo: Master Chief Collection.

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It is stated that “as anticipated, a spirited discussion erupted across the community as well as inside the MCC team,” adding that the method currently in place for gaining SPs also seems to be the source of some annoyance. It’s also important to emphasize that the traditional method of obtaining SP will continue to exist even if purchasable SP is included.

The problem for new players is where 343 believes microtransactions will address it. Nearly eight years have passed since the release of The Master Chief Collection. There is still a lot for novice players to explore and unlock. Given that the game is always receiving fresh content, this endeavor might be difficult.

Several of those new players might be quickly discouraged by the enormous work they have ahead of them and may decide to purchase several stuff that would necessitate a lot of grinding to acquire normally.

Of course, the choice hasn’t been made in stone just yet, but the fact that 343 has essentially repeated its stance from two months ago despite criticism suggests that microtransactions are on the horizon.