Players Of Red Dead Online Assert That Rockstar No Longer Pursues Hackers

Players Of Red Dead Online Assert That Rockstar No Longer Pursues Hackers
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After reporting in-game cheats, a Red Dead Online player released emails they allege to have gotten from Rockstar. The first response stated that Rockstar no anymore interacts with hackers in RDO, driving another stake into the game’s online component.

IrishLegends posted the email to Reddit. They contacted Rockstar Support following maltreatment they received at the hands of a player’s, or possibly several players’, hands. There is no guarantee that the issue will be resolved. In reality, the complete opposite.

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We thank you for making an effort to submit this, but Red Dead Redemption 2 does not yet take cheater complaints. Not the type of email that RDO players would want to see. Although the game is situated in a relatively chaotic wild west, it goes too far to let cheaters run amok.

IrishLegends came back a few hours later with a follow-up to the initial response. The Red Dead player believes that their initial post gained a considerable amount of attention and that the game’s development team felt compelled to respond. The second email states, “We categorically make welcome cheater complaints, and we treat both hacking and griefing very severely in our games.”

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It’s not apparent at this time if Rockstar Support is dealing with cheaters in Red Dead Online or letting users fight for themselves if both emails truly come from the company. An end to assistance would make sense, given the year that Red Dead Online players have already experienced.

Twelve months after the game’s last substantial latest update, Rockstar stated that no further designs to provide the best patches would be made. At that moment, the game’s surviving gamers staged an in-game burial.

Fans have been clamoring with Rockstar and Take-Two to start devoting time and resources to Red Dead Online. Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold over 40 million copies, but its multiplayer component has never received the same level of adoration as Rockstar’s cash cow, GTA Online. Now, it appears like Red Dead Online is actually over.