God Of War: Ragnarok Will Include Additional Attacks

God Of War: Ragnarok Will Include Additional Attacks
Credit: ign

By incorporating elemental strikes linked to the Triangle button, which was somewhat underutilized in the 2018 entry, God of War: Ragnorok improves on the fighting system from the previous game.

Lead combat designer for Ragnarok, Mihir Sheth, described how the Triangle button had been redesigned to accomplish much more than merely recall Kratos’ Leviathan Axe to Game Informer.

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When you pushed Triangle in the last game, you may retrieve the axe, but if you already held the axe, nothing occurred, according to Sheth. “When holding the Blades of Chaos and pressing Triangle, you just returned to the axe. When we considered that idea, we asked ourselves, “What if you could use that button to accomplish something somewhat different?”

As a result, Sony Santa Monica designed a completely new type of assault that is initiated by the Triangle button’s earlier inactive status. These will be referred to as Weapon Signature Moves and add ice or fire elemental damage, such as Frost Awaken and Whiplash, to either the Leviathan Axe or Blades of Chaos.

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It’s a part of a larger overhaul of Ragnarok’s fighting that follows the principle of “fighting with your meal.” “Kratos amuses himself by eating, “said Sheth. “We attempted to design systems that are enjoyable, very whimsical, and have a variety of ways.

We thought, “We can take this farther; we can discover new toys and methods of playing with adversaries and strategies,” when we glanced at the fighting in the last game.

The innovative concepts at work go beyond Kratos’ anticipated arsenal. Two new arm shields, dubbed Dauntless and Stonewall, were also shown to Game Informer. These arm covers can, alternately, provide a kinetic explosion after taking damage or a damaging extra move for last-second parrying.

As Ragnarok’s teasers have already demonstrated a variety of new fighting choices and skills, these assaults will join several other new gameplay enhancements. When the game is ultimately published on November 9, gamers can find them all.