Ghost Of Tsushima’s Jin Sakai Announced In Figma Figure Form

Ghost Of Tsushima’s Jin Sakai Announced In Figma Figure Form
Credit: Good Smile Company Website

Sucker Punch Productions and Good Smile Company have announced a collaboration to bring Ghost of Tsushima’s Jin Sakai to life in Figma form. The item is now available to preorder on the official Good Smile Company website with an additional bonus stand.

Jin has all of the smooth yet posable joints of a Figma figure to bring the character to life. A flexible plastic is used in vital areas to retain the correct proportions without compromising posability.

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The figure is packaged with an additional “angry glare” faceplate that was created with impressive 3D paintwork technology. Jin also comes with an alternate faceplate with his mask.

The figure comes with two weapons: the Sakai Katana and the Sakai Tanto. These items can be used separately with interchangeable hands. Jin’s half bow, and arrow, and the sword on his back are also included.

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Jin’s cape is made from real fabric. From the product photos, the cape appears to be stiff, so buyers can pose the accessory in different ways.

As with all Figmas, Jin is packaged with the standard Figma clear base. This includes a base for Jin to stand on. An angled post is placed in the figure’s back to make him stand upright. The figure can stand on its own, but the special base allows players to pose Jin in various ways.

As an additional bonus, those who purchase the figure from Good SMile COmpany‘s official website will receive a “Large Size Figma Stand with Ghost of Tsushima Logo.” The base comes with a tab that will hold the figure in place.

Fans of the game may also appreciate the alternate base for Jin compared to the standard base that comes with every Figma. The base will ship with the figure later this year and will not be sold separately.

Ghost of Tsushima was initially released in July 2020 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. The game stars Jin Sakai, a samurai who works to protect his tiny island home of Tsushima from the first Mongol invasion of Japan. The island is all that stands between the Mongols attacking the mainland.

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The game has been quite popular among players across the world. It won Best Art Direction and Player’s Voice at The Game Awards 2020, plus it was the Famitsu Awards’ Game of the Year.

Preorders for Figma Jin Sakai will end on January 6. The figure will begin shipping in September 2021.