Fight Of Animals: Arena Brings The Meme Fighters Into A Larger Arena

Fight Of Animals: Arena Brings The Meme Fighters Into A Larger Arena
Credit: Fight of Animals Arena via Steam

Digital Crafter has taken its Fight of Animals brawler into a bigger state. The developer recently launched Fight of Animals: Arena on Steam.

Fight of Animals: Arena is a fighting game that brings together the fighters from the previous game. Players can fight on different stages with different items and support. The game also takes the fight online with support for up to four players local and online.

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Similar to the previous game, Fight of Animals: Arena is simple to play, even for the most novice fighting game players. The game only requires four buttons and directional inputs, so players can easily jump in at any time.

Fight of Animals: Arena also adds a new “Double Jump” and “Dash/Evade” features to make battles more intense. While the controls are simple enough to learn, players will have to work at learning the combos to ensure they emerge victorious.

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Items and weapons are introduced into Fight of Animals: Arena. Players can grab various items within the stages to throw at opponents or use them as melee weapons. Some of the items, like meat on bones, are also edible.

Each stage takes place in a unique environment. Throughout these levels are various kinds of traps that players will have to look out for. For example, within the swamp, the water will slow players down. In the colder level, players may skip around on the ice.

Another example shows players hiding in a bush until their opponents are close enough to strike. Some of the environments have other dangers like falling icicles from the sky and mysterious portals.

The new title offers more multiplayer opportunities for players. There are multiple servers available so that players can select the one closest to their location. Digital Crafter states that they have a stable, high-quality rollback online net code.”

Online rooms make it easier for players to online match with other players. The settings include difficulty levels, number of players, game modes, time limits, and toggling items on or off. Games can be public or private with an additional password setting. Players who want to battle online can also join Digital Crafter’s Discord server to fight other friends and foes.

Digital Crafter continues to update both Fight of Animals and the new arena title. The developer most recently announced a new playable character called Kung Fu Dachshund.

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Fight of Animals: Arena is now available on PC via Steam.