Animal Meme-Themed Game Fight Of Animals Coming To Nintendo Switch

Animal Meme-Themed Game Fight Of Animals Coming To Nintendo Switch
Credit: Fight of Animals via Steam

Digital Crafter recently released its fighting game Fight of Animals on Steam via PC. The game brings together various animals featured in animal memes online.

Publisher and Developer Digital Crafter has now announced that the previously PC-only game is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Fight of Animals is a fighting game where players can choose their favorite animals to fight. The Arcade Mode lets animals fight to decide which is the “King of Animals.”

The cast so far contains Power Hook Dog, Mighty Fox, Magic Squirrel, plus many more.

A recent update in late February also added unlockable boss characters Bad Dog, a naughty looking Shiba Inu with glowing red eyes and a facial scar, plus Tricky Fox who’s moves are described as “sneaky” and “dangerous.” Along with their announcement were two new trailers.

Players can unlock the new boss characters by first defeating the game on any difficulty, then unlocking the other by playing on an unknown difficulty. After the characters are unlocked, they can be used in all other modes.

The last animal to be added to the roster was Slender Cat in early January. The game continues to be updated with new content and patches after its release. The team also has an official Discord server for those who want to find opponents to battle online or discuss possible additions to the roster in future updates.

Along with the new announcement, a few patches were made to the game on steam. The opponent list in Arcade Mode was made, along with adjustments to the page layout. There are also a few patches to balance out the animal fighters.

Fight of Animals was created as a fun game featuring beloved animal memes. The gameplay is meant to be simple and fun for players of any skill level. Only four buttons are required on PC to unleash combos, making fighting a less stressful experience.

Digital Crafter has not released much information about the Nintendo Switch port yet. The game will support online multiplayer for Nintendo Switch Online members, but it’s unknown if crossplay will be available.

The Nintendo Switch release date is not yet known but is coming in the near future.

Fight of Animals is available now on PC via Steam.