Elite Dangerous Is Going Free On The Epic Games Store Starting Next Week

Elite Dangerous Is Going Free On The Epic Games Store Starting Next Week
Credit: Elite Dangerous via YouTube

If you’re looking for a massive multiplayer experience featuring space simulation, then the Epic Games Store is the destination next week. The platform is offering Elite Dangerous — the competent space epic — for nothing. It’s massive in size so the fact that players can pick it up at no cost is the deal of the month and possibly deal of the year for many.

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If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy Elite Dangerous and plan on picking it up next week, you can expect an in-depth experience where you get to man your own starship. Things won’t be so easy at first. You’ll start off with very little resources and only the basics.

However, if you continue to climb of the galactic ladder, you’ll find yourself staring down some epic loot and the chance to develop your skills — becoming an Elite that everyone recognizes. The developer Frontier Developments has given you plenty to customize as you climb up the ranks and enjoy an ever-evolving story that’s hard not to grow attached to.

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The idea of connection really comes through in Elite Dangerous. It is a multiplayer that prides itself on shared experiences. You’ll complete your journey and the events you experience are often shaped by those around you. How a particular player approaches their story could extend into yours and that’s essentially a living game that is hyper-dynamic.

There are a lot of tasks you can enjoy right off the bat as well, such as space exploration, competent spaceship combat, trading, and customizing. What you do in a given session is completely up to you. The galaxy is your oyster and as long as you give yourself time to learn the systems, you’ll feel right at home.

Be warned that some players are cutthroat. They’ll take advantage of your novice efforts without thinking twice. That’s why you have to be ready for anything and be cautious in who you befriend. It’s a good time however your cards play out, fortunately.

Starting next week, a new crop of PC gamers will get to experience the inter-galactic sensation that is still just as fun to play today as it was when it first released. The game has received quite a bit of updates too since releasing so if you’re just joining in on the fun, you’ll be privy to a sublime experience that will make you appreciate Elite Dangerous all the more.

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Epic Games Store has an incredible deal with this offering and that’s always helpful during these days of uncertainty. At least PC gamers can retreat to a space exploration/simulation title that seems limitless in possibilities.