Heroes Of The Storm Just Got A Little Bigger With The Entrance Of Deathwing

Heroes Of The Storm Just Got A Little Bigger With The Entrance Of Deathwing
Credit: Heroes of the Storm via Youtube

Remember Deathwing? The giant dragon that wreaked havoc on Azeroth in World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm expansion? Known as dreadful titles like the Destroyer, Aspect of Death, and the World Breaker? Well, he’s back tormenting the WoW universe. This time, he will be flying into the Nexus and joining the roster of Heroes of the Storm (HotS).

Deathwing became a polarizing villain during Cataclysm, where he scorched Azeroth and permanently changed the landscape of many beloved zones. There’s nothing like grinding quests in the Barrens and getting torched.

He was finally taken out at the end of the expansion when Thrall delivered the final death punch, and Deathwing sank into the Maelstrom.

However, that wasn’t the end of the dragon. So, what can players expect with Deathwing in HotS?

Here is a video of the first gameplay look for Deathwing. The video features HotS designer Kyle Dates and Live Game Designer Adam Jackson explaining the ins and outs of playing the new character. They also share some gameplay and strategy when playing the World Breaker.

The first thing HotS gamers will notice is the sheer size of Deathwing. He has reserved the spot as the most massive dragon in the game, looking over Alexstrasza.

The most interesting reveal of Deathwing’s gameplay is his ability to switch between two battle forms: Destroyer form and World breaker form. It sounds like appropriate forms for the Aspect of Death.

Destroyer form uses the abilities Onslaught and Incinerate. Onslaught is a lunging attack the deals damage and slows an enemy. Incinerate is a useful attack to inflict damage on multiple enemies around Deathwing.

World Breaker form allows him to use the abilities Lava Burst and Earth Shatter. When using the ability Lava Burst, it will take time to cast, but Deathwing will create a pool of lava, damaging and slowing enemies while the pool lasts. Earth Shatter creates a fissure, stunning and damaging enemies.

When Deathwing is taking on a lot of damage, he can fly into the sky to heal himself and recover his armor. From there, he can fly around the battlefield and soar back onto the ground dealing damage to enemies around him.

A unique component of the dragon is the fact that allies will not be able to affect him. This means that allies will not be able to heal Deathwing. Deathwing is known to be a bit of an introvert anyway.

It looks like the Destroyer is bringing in a unique style for players to solve. Expect carnage to ensue when Deathwing is gliding above, gazing upon his enemies.