The Developers Of Elite Dangerous Discuss How Players Are Increasingly At Risk From Aliens

The Developers Of Elite Dangerous Discuss How Players Are Increasingly At Risk From Aliens
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This month marked the conclusion of a two-year-long saga in Elite Dangerous. In Update 13, there were two bangs: the first was the fire of a superweapon to exterminate the extraterrestrial Thargoids, which was immediately succeeded by the second explosion when the Thargoids completely escaped destruction and blew that superweapon to smithereens in space.

The Aftermath of the loss of the superweapon opens up new scenarios and many concerns for players. These terrible events, which were visible to users via an in-game cinematic, usher Elite Dangerous into its next narrative arc, Aftermath. Precisely what went wrong? What will take place next? How will the galaxy, its factions, and the players respond following the disaster?

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I just had a conversation regarding Elite Dangerous’ future with the Frontier Developments crew and what Update 14 will entail for the long-running Milky Way Galaxy simulation.

They did give me a couple of clues about the continuing alien danger as well as stuff they personally deem threatening, but they obviously want to let the plot develop for players rather than giving me every single piece of information up front (darn).

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According to senior producer Samantha Marsh, as the show nears Update 14 and the Aftermath, the Thargoid threat will intensify to a level that commanders haven’t seen before. Everyone, in my opinion, can see that horrible thing are about to happen. \;[It’s also safe to conclude that the cosmos won’t be the same, she continued.

The in-game cinematic that concluded the Azimuth Saga was a novel approach for Frontier Developments to tell a tale to its audience, but it won’t be the only one when the events of Following are gradually made known.

According to Marsh, “there’s also the aspect of Elite that’s the adventurous storytelling, and individuals who are kind of revealing the story’s components and putting it together.” “And we enjoy watching the players perform that aspect of it. I find what they discover to be quite wonderful.”