Update: Elite Dangerous Gets Update 1.41 Which Comes With Various Improvements And Fixes

Update: Elite Dangerous Gets Update 1.41 Which Comes With Various Improvements And Fixes
Credit: Elite Dangerous via YouTube

Recently, Elite Dangerous got an Update 1.41. And right now, it’s available to download this patch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. From the patch notes, it’s obvious that Elite Dangerous Update 1.41 has tons of bug fixes and improvements made to mining, audio, missions, exploration, and more.

Something that makes it stand out is that they implemented several improvements to Conflict Zones, which can improve its stability.

Elite Dangerous is a cool space adventure game where anyone can take control of their starship. In this game, there’s an open galaxy to explore thoroughly, based on the Milky Way. However, be informed that while exploring, one’s actions will affect the development of the persistent universe of the game.

In the list below are some vital patch notes concerning Elite Dangerous Update 1.41.

These audio issues signaled the problems Elite Dangerous was having with its sound system; however, the developers have made major fixes to these issues, and hopefully, they won’t be much of a problem again
• Audio logs obtained from the Golconda can now be played in the Codex.
• We have arranged the sequence of missing audio and text for female crew members.
• Solved audio issues with the Generation Ship, ‘The Golconda.’
• We fixed a bug where none of the Guardian articles in the Knowledge Base would play their associated audio.
• We fixed a looping audio issue with the Shutdown Field Neutralizer.
• Solved a bug in Elite Dangerous, which meant that an audio effect on firing Pulse Lasers would loop indefinitely.

For Frequent Crashes/Stability
Since no one wants a game that crashes frequently, the developers are ensuring they squash those pesky bugs as quickly as possible. The following fixes below are set to upgrade the stability of the game.
• We repaired a bug that could occur when attempting to enter the ‘Network Options’ screen.
• We fixed a crash that could occur when mining in Ice Rings.
• We updated the way we check a player’s entitlements to fix an issue where the Horizons update is not being recognized as installed.
• We have fixed a crash in Elite Dangerous, which could occur when an Imperial Fighter is destroyed.
• Fixed a soft lock when entering Super-cruise with “The Lucent Embrace” Megaship targeted, after launching from Forester’s Choice.

The Conflict Zones
These particular ones got various improvements to Conflict Zones, which the main goal is to improve Elite Dangerous’s overall stability.
• Resolved the common bug that occurred when entering a Conflict Zone, it appeared as empty.
• Fixed issues at eh arrival of Capital Ships
• Solved the problem related to Elite Dangerous, which caused allied Capital Ships to open fire at friendly ships.

Finally, Exploration
Also, frontier development has another option to help reduce the long delay when going through the planet with geological sites. Also, there are fixes to some search functions, incorrect displays on the Navigation Panel, and much more.
• As it currently stands, for the geological/biological sites to be placed on the surface, the entire stellar body must be entirely generated. (we then know the topography and can put sites where they will be accessible). Besides, this can take tens of seconds.
• As part of the January Update, we aim to address this with an alternative process. We have run tests on thousands of in-game planetary bodies, and by using this data, we’re able to extrapolate the likelihood of geological/biologic sites being present on similar stellar bodies. We then use this data and indicate if the planet is ‘Unlikely,’ ‘Likely,’ or ‘Very Likely’ to have geological/biological sites.
• It is not 100% guaranteed that there will be a geological/biological site on the planetary body but does give commanders a much faster indication of probability. This will enable commanders to ascertain if the planet’s worth a visit quickly.If the commander wants to have a definitive answer without traveling to the body, they can still wait for the scan to complete in FSS. This data is also now shown in the body details on the system map.
• Thargoid, Guardian, or Human sites will show up instantaneously. These results have moved to the stellar body details shown on the right in the zoomed-in FSS view.
• We fixed an issue in Elite Dangerous that prevented the search function on the Galaxy Map from working correctly.
• We fixed an issue with the Navigation Panel that incorrectly displayed if a planet had been mapped or not.
• Instead of showing a notification for each asteroid belt cluster discovered, we now condense as many as we can into one message.
• We fixed an issue where it was not sometimes possible to select asteroid ring hot-spots from the cockpit.
For those interested in the complete list of Elite Dangerous Update 1.41, visit their official website.

Frontier Development’s Elite Dangerous debuted on October 2015 for Xbox One, April 2, June 2017 for PlayStation 4 and 2015 for PC.