Universal Studios Japan Reveals More Information About Upcoming Super Nintendo World Attraction

Universal Studios Japan Reveals More Information About Upcoming Super Nintendo World Attraction
Credit: Super Nintendo World via YouTube

During a livestream earlier this week, Universal Studios Japan announced more information about the upcoming attraction. Currently, Super Nintendo World is only for the Japanese location, but future openings in parks around the world are being considered.

The information was presented in a “Super Nintendo World” global presentation.

At the presentation, it was announced that 2020 would be the “Super Nintendo World Year.”

Visitors can download an app on their smartphones, which will be used with a new item called Power-Up bands that are purchased separately. Power-Up Bands come in a variety of character motifs, from Mario, Luigi, Princesses Peach and Daisy, Toad, and a Yoshi egg. They work directly with the smartphone app.

The app and Power-Up bands are synchronized. Visitors can collect coins by hitting various blocks around the park.

There are various prizes around the park. Visitors can collect Nintendo stamps and compete with others to see who has collected more. The app is intended to work like a Super Mario game.

The app not only allows visitors to keep track of their coins and stamps, but it has other functions as well. The app has a map of Super Nintendo World, which is presented like an in-game map.

There are various challenges throughout the attraction. There are boss battles around the park that will require the cooperation of other visitors to win.

Additional Mario Kart themed images were released, including popular characters like Yoshi-themed items, Princess Peach’s Castle, and the Bowser Castle.

In addition to the presentation, a new promotional video was released. The almost three-minute long video shows park visitors enjoying Super Nintendo World and everything it has to offer.

Singer-songwriter Charli XCX and Galantis collaborated to perform the music in the new promotional video “We are Born to Play.” The video also uses music sampled from the Super Mario series.

Previously announced were plans of what would be inside the park. It’s mean to be a place for fans of Nintendo characters, but also a welcoming place for families. There will be plenty of Nintendo-themed food and games to play. The park will also sell limited-edition merchandise not available outside of Super Nintendo World.

Super Nintendo World inside of Universal Studios Japan does not have an official launch date yet. The theme park has announced it will open before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.