Update: Fallout 76 Patch Notes 1.33 Dropped Yesterday, January 14 For Xbox One, PC And PlayStation 4

Update: Fallout 76 Patch Notes 1.33 Dropped Yesterday, January 14 For Xbox One, PC And PlayStation 4
Credit: Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda took Fallout 76 offline yesterday as they apply a new update to the online RPG.

The most recent update—the first significant one the game has experienced this 2020—surely makes a series of behind-the-scenes adjustments to the game setting it for the upcoming Wastelanders update—which is due in few weeks.

In these recent patch notes, there are plenty of bug fixes that have been made available in this version that solves the issues that propped up in the game over the past few weeks. According to the post on their blog, ‘We’re also fixing a few bugs that were safe to use without clashing our work on Wastelanders’

The full patch notes are detailed below:
Fallout 76 Update 1.33 Patch Notes

Platform Update Version
The download size for this update is somewhere between 2—2.5 GB and below 1 GB for PC.
• PlayStation 4—
• Xbox—
• PC—


For Art and Graphics
• Graphics—resolved a critical visual issue affecting Camping Canopies.
• Graphics—The Nuka Girl helmet is now updated to show correctly when worn without the suit

Crafting, Workshops, and C.A.M.P
• Collectrons—Enemies can no longer target the Santatron Bot
• Refrigerator—Toxic Soot Flowers and Frog Legs have now the ability to be assigned to the Refrigerator
• Warning Signs— the number of lights a player can place in their C.A.M.P doesn’t count against the maximum number again, because these signs are not light.
• Giant Neon Letters—to craft Giant Neon Letters now requires two steel and two glasses.

• Daily—Crafting Psycho now fits the requirements appropriate for the ‘Craft Different Kinds of Chems’ and ‘Craft Psycho’ Daily Challenges.
• Daily—The ‘Level up while in Vault 94’ sub-challenge for the ‘Level Up While’ this means the Daily Challenge no longer references Vault 96 erroneously.

• Headwear—the Gas Masks usually found in-game no longer decreases Perception by 2
• Paints—Snowflake Armor Paint can no longer be selectively picked for use in Nuclear Winter matches. However, those who marked this item as a favorite before the fix, the Nuclear Winter favorite icon, could likely still show on this paint in the Atomic Shop.
• Outfits—resolved an issue that allowed the Fur-Lined Jeans and Jacket and also the Nuclear Winter beanie to be dropped or traded.
• Outfits—the backpacks now appear correctly while putting on the Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Outfit.
• Outfits—solved an issue that caused the Sequin Dress to show as the Gala Dress incorrectly

Performance and Stability
• Server Stability—solved an issue that can likely lead to a sever crash when trying to remove items from a Display Case.
• Server Stability—solved an issue that can likely lead to another server crash when replacing Floors or Foundations.

• Sound Effects—the rustic sink now correctly plays sound effects when drinking or collecting water.
• Sound Effects—the Hero of the Great War Statue has disabled the Mothman sound effects in addition to its cannon sound effects when activated.
• New Music—the winter vending machine now plays a tune while being used.

User Interface
• Typos—corrected typos in multiple items names and descriptions in the menu
• Item previews— the preview images for Plans are now fixed to fit the portions of the UI elements or HUD in the game menus.


• Magazines—the description for the US Covert Operations ranked at eight now states that it increases the Knife and Unarmed damage by 50%, not 25% any longer.

• Activators—removed activators from multiple C.A.M.P objects that are not meant to be activated during Nuclear Winter matches.

That’s all for now. Those interested in further details can visit the Bethesda official website. Wastelanders’ update comes up in a few weeks. So stay tuned!