Ultraman: Be Ultra Mobile Game Announced For Spring 2020 In Japan

Ultraman: Be Ultra Mobile Game Announced For Spring 2020 In Japan
Credit: Ultraman Be Ultra via YouTube

Tsuburaya Productions has announced a new mobile game called Ultraman: Be Ultra based on the animated adaptation of the series. The official website was unveiled earlier last week.

Ultraman, the animated version, is currently being aired on Netflix all over the world. Unfortunately, the mobile game has only been announced for Japanese fans.

Not much information about the game itself has been released. The Netflix summary states, “Decades ago, a hero from the stars left this world in peace. Now, the son of Ultraman must rise to protect the Earth from a new alien threat.”

The first season of the show is complete and currently available for Netflix subscribers with the second season coming this Spring.

The first promotional video was recently uploaded on the official YouTube channel for the game. The trailer doesn’t include many scenes of actual gameplay. There’s mostly character reveals, and information about who or what might be included in the final title.

The cast was also revealed on the announcement trailer. Characters include Dan Moroboshi as Ultra Seven, Seiji Hokuto as Ultraman Ace, and Shinjuro Hayata as Ultraman. Enemies will include aliens Adacic, Nepenthes, Ace Killer, Ace Killer Squad, plus Bemlar, and Edo.

The trailer ends with a preview of additional characters that may eventually be released in the mobile game.

Through the game has been revealed, it is still in progress. There may be additional changes made before the game’s release later this year.

Ultraman is a well-known Japanese superhero created by Tsuburaya Productions. Ultraman first made his appearance in the 1960s. The hero fights against enemies threatening Earth.

Since Ultraman’s debut, there have been several Ultraman tv-shows and films, including the current animated adaptation running on Netflix. A live-action film, Shin Ultraman, was also announced last year, starring popular actor Takumi Saitoh. Shin Ultraman will be released in 2021.

Pre-registration for Ultraman: Be Ultra has already begun in Japan. Players can unlock additional items by registering early. As more gamers sign up, everyone will be rewarded with items when the game is released.

There are various ways for gamers in Japan to register. They can follow the official Twitter account or register through the messaging app Line.

Ultraman: Be Ultra will be released on iOS/Android devices in Spring 2020.