Elite Dangerous Wrapped Concluded A Two-Year Narrative With A Major Catastrophe And A Patch

Elite Dangerous Wrapped Concluded A Two-Year Narrative With A Major Catastrophe And A Patch

The latest statement for Elite Dangerous concluded the protracted Azimuth Saga narrative, opened the door for another chapter, and fixed a tonne of problems.

The Azimuth Saga, which has been ongoing since late 2020, comes to an end with Update 13, which also brings the Aftermath arc. The ending of the tale is marked by the disastrous breakdown of an alien-killing weapon.

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Although this chapter has ended, the effects of the termination will be seen for some time because situations and characteristics have been introduced that, according to Frontier, will represent the conclusion.

The remains of capital ships that have been sunk or destroyed and are floating in space are evidence of the unstable superweapon’s effects if you take your boat to the Anti-Xeno Conflict Zones.

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Also, be on the lookout for thargoids, as it seems like they’ll be extraordinarily aggressive and assault any ships bold enough to approach the tragedy to get a view of it.

On-foot assassination operations no longer abort as soon as the victim boards a ship, and guardian defenders should now be able to fire their rocket launchers without any difficulty. There are also a good number of improvements for various problems and upgrades to the AI in general.

Additionally, numerous obnoxious visual issues have been eliminated, including some extreme shadow flashing at settlements and on board the ship at dawn and sunset and some other visible faults on a few agricultural structures.

Frontier is also coordinating game production by ceasing to release updates for the independent Horizons and Odyssey versions, as was previously revealed a few weeks ago.

Versions 3.8 and 4.0 of Horizons and Odyssey have been available, but all users will now receive open access to Version 4.0 with the possibility to upgrade to Version 4.0 of Odyssey.

Of course, you can still start Horizons on version 3.8 and continue using it if you don’t feel like version 4.0; any upcoming improvements will only be made available for version 4.0.