Roller Champions Is Still Going On. The Builders Refused Grubb’s Assertion

Roller Champions Is Still Going On. The Builders Refused Grubb’s Assertion
Credit: pcgamer

Roller Champions will be “canceled” after the third season, according to formerly famed insider and writer Jeff Grubb. However, this claim was refuted by the creators of the recently published sports sim.

Additionally, Ubisoft reportedly offers the game its complete support: “First, let’s be clear: Roller Champions is still under development, and Ubisoft is a staunch supporter.

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We can tell you that the upcoming seasons will be filled with intriguing new content. However, we will put time into that first because we firmly think that before we make any new content available to our users, we must act in their best interests and address many current problems.

We’ll keep you informed as we go, so you can count on that. Ubisoft is prolonging the latest season of Disco Fever to deploy an update that includes cross-invites in order to achieve this.

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Although Roller Champions allows crossplay, you may only invite friends if they use the same platform as you. This restriction was made to ” alleviate the difficulties our players have raised as irritants,” as well as other reasons.

The cross-invites patch, according to Ubisoft, will include more changes, but the company will keep working on the game’s enhancements after that, but before a new season starts.

In terms of content, we can say that we have some exciting things planned for the upcoming seasons, according to Ubisoft.

“However, we firmly think that before releasing new material, we must treat our players with respect,

In a previous post, Roller Champions officially exited the two-year beta test at the end of May this year. However, based on insider Jeff Grubb’s statement, players won’t have to wait very long to take advantage of a full release.

It appears that Ubisoft will fully discontinue providing support for the sports sim in a few months: After season three, Roller Champions will be discontinued.