Crossover Information For Call of Duty: Warzone And Umbrella Academy

Crossover Information For Call of Duty: Warzone And Umbrella Academy
Credit: gamerant

Activision is also handling new crossover activities and cosmetics for its own successful Call of Duty: Warzone, even though they might not be quite on the level of Fortnite.

Warzone is a live service that undergoes continuous change and evolution as part of the game cycle. These changes include updates, new game modes, game operators, maps, and cosmetic items. Activision has boosted the number of crossovers over the past few seasons as well.

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Snoop Dogg, John McClane from Die Hard, and Rambo are just a few of the many franchises and intellectual properties that have so far been included in Warzone’s shooter.

In Reality, a brand-new in-game event from last season brought the Monsterverse to Warzone, with King Kong rampaging over the Pacific area and Godzilla striking from the beach.

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Even operator skins for the aforementioned monsters and skins for Mechagodzilla were available to gamers during this event. Currently, it appears that Activision is preparing for the next big thing and is working with Netflix to make it happen.

New packs have reportedly been discovered in the game’s files, according to Reality, a creator of Call of Duty: Warzone data. According to the description, there may be new tracer sets and blueprints in the in-game store. The Tracer Pack specifically.

A random chaos dismemberment, blueprints with blue and pink tracers, and a mysterious item exclusive to Vanguard are all included in the Umbrella Academy Cha Cha Bundle.

In a further tweet, Reality adds that players of Warzone will be able to acquire the KG M40 Assault Rifle blueprint, a Legendary Weapon Talisman, and a Legendary Calling Card during this campaign. Obtaining this pack requires buying two particular Umbrella Academy packs before September 30. Then, later in the fifth season, the awards will be distributed.