Disc Room Is Headed for Nintendo Switch and PC October 22nd

Disc Room Is Headed for Nintendo Switch and PC October 22nd
Credit: Steam XO

Devolver Digital is publishing another title that begins an ultra-stylish look into an alien deathtrap. Developers Jan Willem Ninjman, Kitty Calis, Terri Vellman, and Doseone are working together to bring Disc Room it the Nintendo Switch and PC audiences later this month.

This title has one main goal, to challenge even the most hardcore arcade enthusiasts to a deadly adventure. Designed to tear players apart, this death trap will push players to their limits and drive the action even closer to home.

This title will slice, dice, and grind you to a pulp. The year is 2089, and a giant disc has appeared outside of the orbit of Jupiter. You must step into a spacesuit, explore the intergalactic slaughterhouse, and come out the other side victorious despite the mayhem.

Remember, what kills you will only make you stronger as you slowly explore challenging level after level of grinding gears, blades, and saws. As a brave scientist, you seek only research but as a victim of this trap, the aliens seek only entertainment.

Each room is a unique puzzle that can be solved in varying ways. It is up to the player to figure out what they need to do to make it into the next room. While trying to figure that out, of course, there is a wall of massive saw blades trying to kill you at every twist and turn.

The situation continues to get complicated as fans continue their way down death after death. Eventually, you will learn new abilities which can improve your chances of survival. Still, the abilities do not make up for the added blades of chaos that players can find in the following rooms

Test your skills by challenging extra challenges and competing on an online leaderboard. This is great for some added competition or simply bragging rights in the online community. As players continue to challenge each level, they can find bonus problems that will score points, time, and more depending on the solution at hand.

Interested fans can follow Devolver Digital’s Twitter for more announcements and information about this title. There is tons of news to be had that can be found on the publisher’s website.

Also, the Nintendo Store is already listing this title for players to wishlist early. Simply navigate on your preferred device and check out the early screenshots of this unique game.

Disc Room will be launched on Nintendo Switch and PC as of October 22nd.