Blizzard Heavily Nerfs World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Leatherworking Armor Kits

Blizzard Heavily Nerfs World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Leatherworking Armor Kits
Credit: MrGM via YouTube

There’s been quite a bit of tuning coming into the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands client lately as the developers prepare to launch the upcoming expansion. With so much going on, there’s pretty much always some new change to talk about.

Professions are getting a sizeable overhaul in general in the upcoming expansion, as the professions almost always do. To keep things relevant, Blizzard has more than a dozen professions they need to balance, so they’re always working on tuning.

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This time around, they’re bringing a few nerfs to one of the core production professions. Blizzard has announced some changes to the leatherworking armor kits that players can attach to their gear for a temporary buff.

This isn’t a small nerf, either – Blizzard is lowering the stamina granted by a sizeable amount. Many leatherworkers have been responding with a bit of anger, as the armor kits were one of the most effective items in the profession.

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The armor kits in question for this nerf are specifically the two being added for the Shadowlands leatherworking, rather than all of them. Blizzard’s nerf directly targets the Desolate Armor Kit and the Heavy Desolate Armor Kit.

The Desolate Armor Kit has had its stamina buff reduced from 24 stamina down to a measly 4. Thankfully, the two-hour duration hasn’t been lowered at all, despite the stamina bonus being lowered down to a point where most aren’t going to bother, especially with other acquirable buffs out there.

Over on the Heavy Desolate Armor Kit, the reduction is even more staggering. While the same two-hour duration remains, the 48 bonus stamina granted from the kit has now been lowered all the way down to 9.

Many are arguing that this makes these items virtually useless, as this stamina buff is barely considerable. Really, it’s a fair argument – a 4 stamina bonus really isn’t much at all, even counting the new number/stat squish that Blizzard put in.

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It’s also unknown if the materials required to craft the kits has been changed at all. If the materials are too expensive, or if they simply could be used on something else, it’s highly likely that most leatherworkers will ignore them entirely.

Most aren’t sure why the developers saw this particular nerf one they should carry out, as the leatherworking kits were rarely something problematic for most players. Either way, Blizzard’s mind seems set, so don’t expect to see much of the armor kits from leatherworkers in the upcoming expansion.