Blizzard’s Latest World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Beta Testing Focuses On Torghast, Tower Of The Damned

Blizzard’s Latest World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Beta Testing Focuses On Torghast, Tower Of The Damned
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

There’s been non-stop testing on the World of Warcraft titles over the last few months. On the side of World of Warcraft: Classic, Blizzard has had players hard at work on the PTR testing the raid bosses of Naxxramas to keep everything tuned.

Over in the retail servers as we build-up to the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, we have plenty being tested. With the prepatch out and the Scourge Invasion event starting in less than a week, Blizzard is making sure everything is tuned as well as possible.

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They worked on some testing for the Mythic difficulty for Castle Nathria, the first raid that we as players will be dealing with in the Shadowlands. Now, they’re back with some more ghoulish testing for us, focusing on one of the greatest challenges the expansion offers.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned, serves as a sort of endlessly-replayable endgame format. Players will continuously challenge Torghast for some unique rewards, needed materials, and above all, just to have fun with a little bit of perpetual torment.

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“When it comes to Torghast, we feel like we’ve found the fun, but we also want to make sure that difficulty tuning is where it needs to be,” Blizzard writes. “Over the next couple of days, we’d appreciate as many Beta testers as possible to venture into the tower and slay the Jailer’s forces… for science!”

As the announcement states, this test will only be available for beta players. The general populace of the game won’t be able to hop into their client to play through this test unless they had been invited to the beta.

Blizzard also provides two different testing layers that they need help with, asking for help with Layer 1 and Layer 4 templates. The difference, simply put, is that Layer 4 and above will be more difficult.

Layer 1 is “meant to be your introductory run in Torghast, even if you’ve never set foot in there before.” Blizzard intends for this section to be for beginners that are still figuring out the mechanics of the tower.

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Layer 4 is for “a more experienced Torghast player” and “should provide you with a reasonable level of challenge, but nothing insurmountable.” Blizzard also adds that players are only expected to attempt layers 4-6 with this template, but that they’re welcome to go above and beyond.

All in all, it’s another section of testing that brings us closer and closer to the release of the title. It’s been a hectic week around the world, but if escaping into the Tower of the Damned strikes your fancy, Blizzard would appreciate the help!