As Four Developers Are Seen Within The CS:GO Beta Dev App, Source 2 Claims Reaches All Time High

As Four Developers Are Seen Within The CS:GO Beta Dev App, Source 2 Claims Reaches All Time High
Credit: lennonMK via YouTube

We’ve noted readily and often that the number of people that have made entire careers out of finding the smallest aspect of Counter-Strike and claiming that it’s undeniable proof that Source 2 is ‘coming soon’ is astonishing.

Every single time, there has been absolutely no proof aside from circumstantial screenshots and anecdotal evidence that results in absolutely nothing. Still, the claim is made seemingly every month with long, drawn-out videos boasting that they’ve discovered the long-awaited release of Source 2.

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First, let’s put this to bed: Source 2 isn’t likely to come; Valve has stated in the past that any inclusion of Source 2 would likely be piecemeal updated into the current version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

We’ve seen this in the past with small parts of code being updated for Counter-Strike.

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Further, even if Source 2 magically does release tomorrow (or next month, next year, whatever timeline you wish to ascribe), it isn’t going to fundamentally change everything about the title from the small changes that have been made to the base over time.

Yesterday, a user on Reddit noted that there were four developers within the beta app of CS:GO on Steam and claimed that this was the highest number ever in the beta dev application at once. This is notably untrue, as ten developers played Arms Race in Vertigo in 2012, and recorded it, but it is the highest number in recent years.

This gave the idea that Source 2 was just around the corner, or that there were more operations on the horizon and a slew of other arguably baseless claims. What this tells us, at most, is that Valve has at least four developers looking at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at the moment. Anything more is conjecture and wishful thinking.

We’re just as excited as everyone else to see Valve pull back a magic curtain on CS:GO 2 that fixes every grievance that the community has (the anti-cheat is still primarily punishing non-cheaters) and finally gives us the opportunity to surpass Gold Nova 2; it surely cannot be my fault.

Thankfully, years of experience means that I can make claims regarding the next update of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well: CS:GO will be receiving an update within the next six months (based on insider information). We are ecstatic.

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Figuring out precisely what Valve is going can be a frustrating ordeal, as ‘Valve time’ has a span all its own and they haven’t necessarily been forthcoming with information in the past. This is what has opened the door to rampant speculation and unmitigated claims. They arguably shot themselves in the foot with this.

That being the case, it’s best not to jump to conclusions every time a developer farts.