Apex Legends Server Performance Is Up And Down During Season 8

Apex Legends Server Performance Is Up And Down During Season 8
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

Apex Legends servers in Season 8 have been hit and miss so far, and by hit and miss, I mean pretty awful most of the time. As a console player, the servers drop out almost every other game, especially in ranked.

EA’s servers have been historically poor, but it’s been a while since the servers have been this bad. There’s a problem with ranked servers getting DDOSed by certain players, and so far, no official word has come from Respawn about whether or not they can tackle this problem.

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As well as the servers dropping out completely – with the classic code: wheel, code: net and code: leaf making an appearance – slow mo servers have been an issue.

This is where everything runs in slow mo for the entire game. Playing in this feels like playing in a swimming pool full of custard, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Respawn are currently looking at this problem, as it may be game related rather than a server issue.

Players are reporting problems across multiple platforms, with many NA PC players stating that their servers regularly jump to 200-300 ping. Earlier today, the servers went down completely.

On console the problem is a bit different, and concerns ranked. Since the introduction of crossplay the servers have obviously been under greater strain. However, it’s not just the number of players that is causing problems.

Although there is no concrete evidence, as it’s a hard thing to pin down, many think that the servers are being crashed in DDOS attacks. This means certain players can drop into the game where everyone is AFK and farm RP.

For a company the size of EA – and with Apex Legends as their flagship shooter – many in the community expect better server performance. Of course, EA’s servers aren’t brilliant for their entire fleet of games, including FIFA and Battlefront.

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There has also been a long discussion about improving the tick rate of Apex servers, mostly in the competitive scene. Apex currently runs at 20hz, that’s significantly less than other popular multiplayer FPS titles.

Whether or not Respawn and EA are going to focus on server improvements is another matter entirely. The game is out on Nintendo Switch in March (and supposedly mobile later this year), so that’s probably where a lot of their efforts are going.