YouTuber EetzJosh Has Meticulously Recreated The Destiny 2 Tower In Minecraft

YouTuber EetzJosh Has Meticulously Recreated The Destiny 2 Tower In Minecraft
Credit: EetzJosh via YouTube

Minecraft has been used in many recreations, due to now only its popularity but also due to the ease of building in Minecraft. Some of the recreations include a 5,000-year-old tomb, COD: Warzone’s Gulag, and even Overwatch’s King’s Row.

Minecraft is known to push the bounds of players’ imaginations, and Minecraft Players have pushed the boundary of what Minecraft is able to

The Reddit user of DDoom3099 has recreated Overwatch’s King’s Row, and This recreation required a significant amount of work due to including back alleys and the insides of the buildings.

Redditor DDoom3099 put in a significant amount of time and work into faithfully recreating the map from Overwatch. DDoom3099 also didn’t release the map download, but due to the sheer size of the map, it most likely took a couple of days to complete.

Another Minecraft player and YouTuber by the name EetzJosh have recreated the famous Tower from Destiny 2. EetzJosh has spent 168 hours recreating this Tower in an excessive amount of detail. This recreation took a total of 226,089 blocks and a total of three Minecraft builders.

The Tower in Destiny 2 is a hub that players commonly find themselves in, at this hub, players are able to take quests, buy new materials and even access their vault which stores their times. This hub is a place a lot of players go to and are often seen hanging out at, wasting time with friends, and getting a fireteam together to face the next quest.

The Youtuber EetzJosh and collaborators Mealyac and Linonada have recreated the entire Tower from the ground to its highest point. This recreation isn’t just outside the Tower but has the inside rooms and layout recreated incredibly faithfully!

EetzJosh made a video that showcases his and his friend’s recreation on his YouTube channel, which has him roaming around the Tower with ease and significantly shows off the Tower.

The creator has stated that the Tower isn’t currently going to be available to the public, but if enough interest is shown, they may make it available to the public. If it ever does become open to the public and now that the Bedrock edition of Minecraft has emoted means that users could easily mimic the dancing emote that many players enjoy and use in Destiny 2.