Magic Items: New Magical Oddities And Items Added In Mythic Odysseys Of Theros Campaign Sourcebook Part 1

Magic Items: New Magical Oddities And Items Added In Mythic Odysseys Of Theros Campaign Sourcebook Part 1
Credit: Wizards of the Coast via Youtube

Mythic Odysseys of Theros is out in full swing and players are finally getting a shot at participating in all that the sourcebook has to offer. From new subclasses to new races, supernatural abilities, and magic items, Theros is chock-full of interesting material for Dungeons and Dragons.

One of the most exciting aspects of MOoT is 8 new magical items available for collection. These new magic items, like the book itself, are all Greek-inspired and pack quite a punch. Keep in mind that these magical items are balanced for MOoT and you should be sure that they fit your campaign before introducing them.

Flying Chariot (Wondrous Item, Rare)

Riders and creatures pulling the chariot gain a +1 to AC. If creatures that can fly are pulling the chariot, the chariot can also fly.

(Be sure to go over the differences between chariots and standard mounts.)

Helm of the Gods (Wondrous Item, Rare, requires attunement)

While wearing this Helm, you know whether there is a celestial or fiend within 30 feet of you, as well as where they are, provided they aren’t behind total cover.

Whenever you finish a long rest while wearing the helm, you may pray to one of the gods listed on the Helm of the Gods table and store the listed spell in the helm, replacing any spell that is already stored there. The spell save DC is 13.

  • Athreos – Protection from Good and Evil
  • Ephara – sanctuary
  • Erebos – inflict wounds
  • Heliod – guiding bolt
  • Iroas – heroism
  • Karametra – goodberry
  • Keranos – thunderous smite
  • Klothys – entangle
  • Kruphix – dissonant whispers
  • Mogis – Hellish Rebuke
  • Nylea – faerie fire
  • Pharika – lesser restoration
  • Phenax – charm person
  • Purphoros – searing smite
  • Thassa – identify

Whilst all the spells on this list are great, there are a few special takeaways that stand out. Sanctuary is a great spell for any spellcaster to pick up and adds a bit of survivability. Goodberry is great for any healer (keep in mind many DM’s ban this spell). Lesser Restoration is also great for any healer.

Molten Bronze Skin, Armor (Rare, requires attunement)

This magical armor appears as a jug of molten bronze. When you attune to it, it adheres to your skin. It can be worn under the skin and doesn’t impede bodily functions. It can’t be forcibly removed unless you want it to be.

While wearing this armor you have resistance to fire damage. This armor also doesn’t impose disadvantage on Stealth checks.

If you like these magic items, it’s recommended to check out the Mythic Odysseys of Theros sourcebook for more information.