What To Expect In Apex Legends Season 7 – Bangalore’s Heirloom, New Map And The Next Legend

What To Expect In Apex Legends Season 7 – Bangalore’s Heirloom, New Map And The Next Legend
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

With the Aftermarket patch going live today leakers and dataminers have got their hands on new pieces of code. Top leakers include @shrugtal, @someonewholeaks, and @biast12 on Twitter, who you can follow for more information as it goes live. I’ll go through a compiled list of everything expected for Season 7 of Apex Legends.

First up, Bangalore’s heirloom. There was a sneak peek of this in the code a few weeks ago with the codename “Tonfa.” A Tonfa is a baton-type weapon most used in the Okinawan martial art, although it does have other military uses. You can see the leaked image below:

This doesn’t quite look like a Tonfa exactly, and the design may have changed since that codename was leaked. There was no specific name leaked alongside this image so it may be called something different now. Like all heirlooms, Bangalore’s heirloom will likely arrive as part of a collection event in Season 7 (which starts in November).

Next up, Olympus. It’s pretty much common knowledge that there is a new map destined for Apex Legends and there have been teasers and hints for the past few months. New weapon charms and some code leaks confirm that Olympus will likely arrive in Season 7 as part of Respawn‘s big season planned for the fall.

There’s a lot of debate in the community about what sort of map Olympus is going to be. Hints suggest it’s some sort of floating city, densely packed with buildings. Caustic and Wattson mains rejoice, but if you don’t like that meta…well, it could be a tricky map to play in.

Who is the next legend in Season 7? There’s a bit of debate surrounding this as well. There’s a well-circulated list of upcoming legends, and there are a few names that appear on there. Horizon or Valk are the main contenders, and this leak snippet from Biast12 might suggest a certain legend.

There are also quite a few leaks of in-game voice lines for Valk. Who is Valk? Well, the most exciting thing about the legend is the concept of her blast jets on her back. This will allow her to fly for a limited time, pretty much like a jetpack. She would definitely fit into the meta!

Other than that, enjoy the Aftermarket event and the crossplay beta in Apex Legends now. More details will likely release throughout the month, as well as Halloween later in October.