Apex Legends Comes To Switch, Introduces Crossplay This Fall And Has A Collection Event Starting On June 23rd

Apex Legends Comes To Switch, Introduces Crossplay This Fall And Has A Collection Event Starting On June 23rd
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

Apex Legends was the first game highlighted during EAPlay this evening, and it covered lots of exciting features and changes coming to the game over the next few months. Switch support, crossplay via Steam and consoles, and the brand new Collection Event starting June 23rd.

As part of the ongoing support from Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends is taking the route of other popular games over the last year and introducing cross-play between consoles and PC. There were also one or two other small details to go over here.

First up, Apex Legends on Switch. Taking the route of Fortnite, Respawn is bringing the popular Battle Royale to the mini-console. How exactly it will work is something yet to be seen, and it may pave the path for other mobile options.

Crossplay is the next exciting change coming to Apex Legends. For those who’ve followed the game since launch, crossplay has been a fan-requested feature since day one. Introducing crossplay between consoles will be a great way to boost player numbers in lobbies.

The next collection vent, Treasure Hunters, starts next week on June 23rd. This event is centred around Mirage’s heirloom – a golden statue of himself – and a Crypto town takeover.

Crypto’s Town Takeover is focused on more of this key character’s backstory and will involve interesting surveillance areas and a brand new area on King’s Canyon.

Revenant and Wraith also receive highlighted featured skins, in the style of Egyptian pharaohs. The Wraith skin, in particular, looks pretty great. There will likely be other exclusive cosmetics to pick up during the event.

Other small hints from the trailer might suggest a lifeline buff. In a short scene, Bangalore is seen being revived by Lifeline’s drone rather than Lifeline herself. Lifeline is a character that the community have wanted to be buffed for a while – could this be a buff a last?

A new item, Mobile Respawn Beacons, will also make an appearance during the upcoming event. This will allow you to respawn your teammates wherever you want – a huge change to the game and definitely worth checking out.

The hype for Apex Legends Season 5 has been massive, but it’s always great to see ongoing support for what has been one of the largest battle royales over the last year.