The Sci-Fi Horror Game Dead Space 3 Was Just Added To Steam’s Library

The Sci-Fi Horror Game Dead Space 3 Was Just Added To Steam’s Library
Credit: MandaloreGaming via YouTube

Electronic Arts has been quite busy as of late adding games to the Steam library. They just added another batch today and one of the offerings that certainly stands out is Dead Space 3.

That’s great news if you enjoy survival-horror games that take place in space and haven’t yet experienced this title as a PC gamer. The addition is Electronic Arts’ way of opening up their titles to more gamers, which is a win-win for everyone.

Releasing on February 5, 2013, Dead Space 3 is the sequel to Dead Space 2. It was developed by Visceral Games and improved upon the series in a lot of important ways.

The gameplay is different compared to previous installments in that it is tailored more towards action, although there are still some good survival-horror elements. At the time of its release, Dead Space 3 received mixed reviews for its departure from the tension-filled horror elements.

There is still a lot to love. For example, the cover system works very well even by today’s standards. It feels very organic. You can move around structures and use them as a defense when the situation calls for it.

The main protagonist in this third entry is Issac Clarke. He’s very easy to get behind and works well as the main playable character. The other characters probably needed a bit more fleshing out and the story leaves more to be desired, but all in all, Dead Space 3 is a fun survival-horror game to play.

It has been on the Origin store for quite a while now, so this Steam addition is a welcomed change. It means more horror aficionados will get to check out its unique settings and creepy elements for the first time.

Dead Space 3 isn’t the best survival-horror game by all means, but it gets a lot of things right. It’s a shame the developer was shut down before being able to make another installment.

As it stands now, there is no official news about the series being picked up by another studio. That’s a shame too because you would be hard-pressed to find a more atmospheric and unique horror game.

Being in space is already creepy enough, so when you add Necromorphs to the mix, you have a successful recipe. Hopefully some studio comes along and picks up where previous developers left off.

The series still has so much potential. For now, though, the old installments will just have to do.