Watch Dogs: Legion Has A New Story Trailer Out Now

Watch Dogs: Legion Has A New Story Trailer Out Now
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

Watch Dogs: Legion — the sequel to Watch Dogs 2 — is scheduled to release on October 29th. That’s a couple of weeks out and not surprisingly, fans of the series are anxious to get their hands on the action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Toronto.

This series has always done well with the stealth-based mechanics, but now the developer is taking things up a notch with the open-ended environment, visuals, and recruiting design. That last past has really gotten the Watch Dogs community buzzing.

Every single NPC in this game is playable and that means limitless possibilities as far as approaching missions and gameplay. It’s a lofty design, but based on early reports, Ubisoft Toronto seems to have things managed well.

They’ve also done a fabulous job at promoting the game leading up to launch day. Trailer after trailer has come out showing a little bit more of what’s in store for fans. A new trailer just released and this time, it focuses around more of the story.

London is in a state of chaos. Terroristic groups have risen up and framed the protagonist group referred to as DedSec. Conspiracies are also at play and that means a whole lot of trouble for this group the further they get into their investigation.

Even more pressing is a threat known as Zero Day. Their the main antagonists in this installment and seem like they’re heavily powered from a resource and AI standpoint. In order to stop their efforts and restore London back to its former peaceful state, DedSec must recruit inhabitants of London.

From plumbers to managers of retail, there are no limits to who players can choose to join the fight against Zero Day and their powerful partners.

The Watch Dogs series hasn’t always thrived in terms of a story standpoint. Some of the plots were predictable and left more to be desired. That doesn’t look to be the case at all in Watch Dogs: Legion. Rather, the story looks particularly compelling. You feel the gravity of the situation. If you don’t succeed, London and its residents will be left in a state of total oblivion and DedSec can’t allow that to happen.

It’s promising to see that the developer has really spent time ironing out the story and its main characters. That should make the campaign a much better experience overall and keep players on the edge of their seats from start to finish.