Triversal Is A Gorgeous Puzzler Releasing On Steam This July

Triversal Is A Gorgeous Puzzler Releasing On Steam This July
Credit: Phantom Compass

Phantom Compass has announced another game from their award-winning studio as the puzzler Triversal is coming to PC. This puzzle experience is designed as a soothing and relaxing game that balances challenge and problem-solving. Designed as a pickup and play title, the game has minimal controls with maximum situational difficulties.

The game uses spatial logic and problem-solving skills against a luminous background. Stretch tethers, connect objects and score points in a unique experience. The game is one of those simple to learn titles that becomes difficult to master all the many combinations. Designed for modern puzzle enthusiasts, this is not a title that will simply disappear into the background any time soon.

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Triversal is a calming spatial puzzle game designed for a chill experience. Despite having a rather simple concept, the game does not sacrifice its overall difficulty. Players must think through their moves and complete unique objectives to plug the black holes found in the aether.

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The developers hope that it can be a palette cleanser between intense tasks. The game is designed to be a relaxing experience, and the levels slowly grow more complicated but still somehow manage to keep a calm tone.

The various controls learned at the beginning are transferred into future challenges. Create elastic tethers and pull the light orb into the black hold. This can mean removing, adding, and navigating multiple objects with this single goal in mind.

The game offers thousands of levels, daily puzzles, and even endurance challenges for players hoping to progress quickly. With an experience designed for everyone, this title meets the needs of a versatile community of dedicated puzzle solvers.

Streamers can use stream assist to collaborate with their audiences. This adds a unique optional overlay with numbered labels allowing viewers to play along and chat suggestions for the streamer to attempt.

For those looking for a super relaxed experience, the game offers a sandbox mode to goof off in. In this mode, players go through endless puzzles with unlimited coins and no risk. This allows every answer to be plausible, and the ultimate chill experience be harnessed within this game.

This title is good for all audiences. Players who enjoy puzzles will be fascinated, and fans who simply want something different will find it refreshing. The unique puzzle title really does have a little something for almost every player.

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Triversal is set to release on Steam as of July 13.