Doraemon Story Of Seasons Gives Fans An Early Peek With A Free Switch Demo

Doraemon Story Of Seasons Gives Fans An Early Peek With A Free Switch Demo
Credit: Nintendo

If you are either unfamiliar with Doraemon or think the game might not live up to expectations, you will be happy to know a demo has been released. The game released today on Steam and Nintendo Switch for purchase; if you are looking at buying it for the Nintendo Switch, you are in luck. A free demo has been posted in the Nintendo Store to encourage fans to try the game at least.

Early looks at the Demo predict it to have a good hour worth of gameplay in it. You can experience a taste of the story, some of the charming graphics, and the peaceful farming life that is waiting for you within.

This game is a cross over between the Doraemon franchise and the Story of Seasons series of games. It is developed by Brownies and Marvelous as well as published by Bandai Namco. This is the first Doraemon video game ever released to western audiences, so this will be the first taste, for many, of this new character.

The game itself is a farming simulator game similar to the other Story of Season releases. Doraemon brings over its familiar characters and secret gadgets from its series, creating an interesting mixture of content for players.

You play as Nobita and get to do many farming activities. Plow fields grow crops, take care of cattle, and many other things are built-in as you make a life within the game. There is even a fishing system and a house decoration system that lets you fully enjoy the world presented with these colorful characters.

The world is known as Natura. At the center of the island is a mystical Big Tree that may hold the answers to what Nobita seeks. You befriend the residents and create bonds while playing through the story. It is in its core a farming simulation, after all.

This game is perfect if you are a fan of Harvest Moon or happen to know about Doraemon. For many, this will be the first time in a long time they have been able to fish on their Nintendo Switch.

This game is available on the Nintendo Switch and Steam for $49.99. It is a casual game meant to be enjoyed, so you will find tons of things to do within this magical world. So prepare for a journey with some new friends as you enter the world of Natura and maybe learn some magic along the way.