Celebrated VR Title Beat Saber Has Just Been Out Paced By Boneworks To 100k Sales

Celebrated VR Title Beat Saber Has Just Been Out Paced By Boneworks To 100k Sales
Credit: BrandonJLa via YouTube

The days when Virtual Reality titles could be readily dismissed have apparently passed us, as evidenced by the surprising amount of rewards that Beat Saber earned at the end of 2019.  The accolades seemed to show in force, showering on the rhythm game with ceaseless ferocity.  Yet as popular as the VR title is, their merits may soon be overshadowed by a new title that has recently been brought to bear on the Steam store; Boneworks.

It’s important to recognize that Boneworks superseding the purchasing pace set by Beat Saber is not necessarily dismissive of Beat Saber’s merits, nor proof that Boneworks is necessary a far superior title.  It’s likely that what we’re exploring is more a sign of the times, as the newest Half-Life announcement has moved Steam Index VR systems at a pace that has left Valve unable to keep up.  Yet it’s also not completely dismissive of Boneworks, featuring one of the first fully-fledged action titles onto VR.

Beat Saber has the user primarily moving with rhythm, using swords to cut blocks in a specific direction in tune with the music.  You can upload new content if you’re willing to work through some loops, and dodging incoming barricades while smashing blocks is sure to get your blood pumping.  It’s a title that was in Steam’s Early Access program, and received a merit for being one of the top graduates of the Early Access programs in 2019.  It’s largely heralded as one of the first, and most successful, forays into virtual reality.

Boneworks is decidedly more than a rhythm game; arguably one of the most ambitious and audacious titles that have come to the VR systems yet.

Their store page alone warns visitors that Boneworks is for advanced VR users; those that have experience within the hardware and standard mechanics that present themselves in it.  From juggling weapons in the air to hyper-realistic combat, it’s obviously not for the faint of heart, or the inexperienced users.

Boneworks shows off impressive melee gameplay with weapon and shield, akimbo firearms, and some hefty platforming features that development team Stress Level Zero somehow make work, it’s a title that clearly has some meat to offer players that stretches beyond the stereotypical tech-demo that other VR games seem to reside within.

With an 88% recommended rating on STeam right now, and the naysayers warning not of playability, but difficulty, and one could readily see the appeal of Boneworks.  It’s a VR game that almost caters to the more hardcore crowd.

This could explain why Boneworks cleared $3 million worth of sales within its first week; gamers with VR are clearly ready to take the full plunge into hardcore games; it’s just up to developers to figure out how to make it work as well as Stress Level Zero did.