The Ultra-Violent Ultrakill Is Now In Early Access

The Ultra-Violent Ultrakill Is Now In Early Access
Credit: Swifty Unknown via YouTube

Back in the day, shooters were mostly about fast-paced, intense action. Such is the case for the classic Doom games. Well Ultrakill is similar in that it features fast-paced retro shooting with a lot of carnage candy.

The moment Ultrakill was teased by the lone developer Arsi Patala, it sounded like a fun time. Fans that were impressed by its description no longer have to wait to check out its ultra-violent action either. It just entered Early Access on Steam.

Developer Patala is still trying to complete the third and final act. Until that time, Ultrakill will remain in Early Access. It could release at the end of 2021, but a 2022 release window is also on the table. It just depends on how Patala feels about the game being a finished product.

In the meantime, players can enjoy the prelude and first act. That includes 15 levels, 8 enemy types, 8 bosses, and 4 weapons. These elements should give players a pretty good idea of how Ultrakill will play.

There are a lot of unique aspects of this game that set it apart from its predecessors. One of these is the ability to regain health by soaking yourself in the blood of your enemies. That sounds pretty brutal, but it certainly gives this game a distinct gameplay experience that you’ll want to check out for the novelty alone.

Ultrakill has taken inspiration from a lot of great titles, including the aforementioned Doom series, Quake, and even Dante’s Inferno. You’ll move throughout different environments in a campaign about blood-thirsty robots that have taken over the world.

You’ll have to put a stop to them using a unique variety of weapons, which are high-powered and come with different variations. Players should thus have plenty to play around with while they take out demon machine after demon machine.

Players have to be quick as far as their defensive maneuvers, which include jumping, dodging, and running to get the perfect shot on enemies. In addition to moving through a compelling story and levels, you can complete optional challenges and achieve high ranks.

There seems like there’s plenty to do in this unique and well styled retro shooter. It has a unique take on the genre, but should feel right at home if you grew up playing these short of shooters back in the day.

Early Access is a great way to experience it until the developer completes the finishing touches.