The Time-Looping Shooter Deathloop Has New Gameplay Footage Out Now Highlighting Weapons

The Time-Looping Shooter Deathloop Has New Gameplay Footage Out Now Highlighting Weapons
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

We are just a couple of months out from the anticipated release of Deathloop, the time-looping shooter that sees players take out a series of targets before the loop resets. It’s an interesting concept and one that has garnered a lot of attention since the premise was first teased.

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Leading up to the May release, Arkane Studios has promoted it heavily with gameplay trailers. A new one just came out actually that breaks down more of the weapons players will be using as the assassin named Colt. Since Deathloop is primarily a first-person shooter, you might be invested in the latest trailer up above to see what cool gadgets will be available.

The first weapon on deck is the deadly machete. The player uses it swiftly on opponents up close. There is added risk considering you can’t just sit back and fire off rounds from a distance.

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The machete warrants close encounters and one wrong swipe could reset the loop you’re stuck in. Looking at the trailer, it does deal out a ton of damage and that’s perfect if you’re looking for some carnage candy.

Next up is a gun known as the PT-6 Spiker. It looks like a pretty great mid-range weapon to use. Only one well-positioned bullet is all you need to take out threats you come across in Deathloop. You’ll have to be pretty accurate though to take advantage of this design.

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Then we have the Rapier, a long-range weapon that packs quite a punch. It seems like the perfect resource for opponents across the map. If you can handle the extended reload time, it might be a useful resource for up close as well.

As far as the more heavy-duty firepower, you have the Strelak 50-50. It lets you fire off rounds in bunches and sounds like a force to be reckoned with. These are just a couple of the weapons that will be available in Deathloop when it officially releases later in May.

It’s still a little early, but Deathloop looks like a pretty fun shooter. The fact that it has a large diversity in weapons and gadgets should go over well with fans in addition to the unique looping design. There appears to be a weapon for every type of situation that Colt will run into on the mysterious island of Blackreef.

You can find a lot of shooters on the marketplace, but Deathlooplooks like one of the more refreshing titles of 2021.