Size Matters Is Now Available On Steam For Science And Discovery Fans

Size Matters Is Now Available On Steam For Science And Discovery Fans
Credit: Size Matters

Developed by Mazen Games and published by GrabTheGames is a unique laboratory adventure titled Size Matters. This unique game is about completing experiments, managing a lab, and watching the clock as the player slowly shrinks every second. This is a race against time as players need to find the cure before they shrink out of existence.

This is a cute game full of science, puzzles, and problems. Players will have to perform tests, challenge theories, and uncover secrets using clues hidden throughout the lab. As you continue to dig deeper into each problem, you shrink slowly, making it a challenge to collect any results.

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Players take the role of a scientist who accidentally ingested an experiment. Players must navigate a lab while shrinking, which turns this into an eventual platformer. Use equipment, and try not to fall as what was once your height is now way above your head.

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Players will need to search around the lab and produce new ingredients. To make an antidote, players will need three key ingredients, but the game does not tell you which. you must collect the ingredients, synthesize them, and then produce the antidote before it is too late.

The game allows players to choose how they want to approach it. Turn on tweaks, adjust the gameplay experience as needed, and experiment with this experimentation title.

The game includes a chemical processor, reverter, code combiner, antidote producer, and many other strange and useful items. Discover a world of strange science in this unique title.

Overall this game has positive reviews as it is a memorable experience. You must combine the ingredients in a different order each playthrough, and the soft and casual graphics and controls make the game an immediate pick-up and play title.

This title is in early access, which means that most players will have very limited experience. The average playtime is around 5-15 hours, which gives the game a decent bit of content. This is a mini-game-style experience at the moment, so players should not expect a full campaign.

Overall, this title is great for players of all ages. For scientific fun and shrinking shenanigans, players will only need simple puzzle-solving skills to approach this title.

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Size Matters is available on Steam for PC players interested in a unique and thrilling science experiment. The title will be updated in the future once it is moved out of the Early Access stage.