Emily is Away <3 Is Set To Release On April 16th On Steam

Emily is Away <3 Is Set To Release On April 16th On Steam
Credit: Kyle Seeley

Indie developer Kyle Seeley has released the next game in their Emila is Away series. The next title, Emily is Away <3 is the third installment in the unique messaging experience. The game introduces players to Facenook, and takes players into the next phase of social media.

Gone are the days of AIM, now players can explore the unique Facenook website which simulates an environment familiar to many modern fans. An obvious parody of Facebook, this unusual title will take players on another unique journey into communication.

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The goal of Emily is Away <3 is to interact with NPCs and experience a digital interactive novel. Players will need to read status updates, comments, and even message a unique AI system. Facenook as all the features of Facebook back during 2008.

Craft a persona on your wall as you post messages, photos and other unique features. This title will adapt to your updates, and it will take players down a path of nostalgia that many would not expect.

The narrative itself is a branching path story full of life. Interact and have unique conversations, finish multiple endings, and explore every opportunity found on the unique website.

You control your character and you craft their personality. Make friends and explore all the features hidden within this unique title. Transport back into the year 2008, and enjoy a time that was very different in communication and online interaction.

The previous titles build up the general story, but this title can be approached without any prior knowledge. Enjoy a casual indie experience that fits the simulation genre. For many that have played this, it is a transformative experience that sends players back to a simpler time.

Kyle Seeley developers and publishes on his own. This talented designer has crafted a version of Facenook that is far from what it is today. This is a pocket in time, and it will unlock in around 4 weeks.

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This title is good for all ages. Although younger audiences might not understand the reference, many fans who grew up in the early 2000s will be able to see a window into the internet that has long been closed.

Emily is Away <3 is set to release on PC as of April 16th. For further information explore the developer website or check out their creation of Facenook which can be found through a link on Twitter. This is a chance to go back in time, and enjoy a simpler communication style.