Arkane Looks Forward To Next-Generation Hardware For AI And Physics Simulation Breakthrough Advancements

Arkane Looks Forward To Next-Generation Hardware For AI And Physics Simulation Breakthrough Advancements
Credit: Sony and Xbox

Arkane Studios, the French video game developer, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The leading company Bethesda plans to dish out one of their earliest titles, the action RPG Arx Fatalis. For those interested in getting it, kindly follow the detailed instructions below:

• Go to Arkane20[.]com
• Then click ‘Join Arkane Outsiders’ at the top of the page— the purpose of this action is to get to the sign-up module.
• Then login/create to your Bethesda[.]net account. Note that a Bethesda[.]net account is needed to gain access Arx Fatalis and the Art of Arkane artbook
• To get Arx Fatalis: Tap the checkbook designated for sign up emails and hit join. Then log in to the Bethesda[.]net launcher using your Bethesda[.]net account. After this, the Arx Fatalis will appear in your library, ready for download.
• To gain access to The Art of Arkane digital artbook: You would have to visit your transaction history and locate the artbook in the ‘Product Codes’ list.

In addition to celebrating the 20th anniversary, Arkane Lyone was also showcased during an interview with VG247.

While discussing, Dinga Bakaba game director, expressed the studio excitement for the physics simulation and improved AI that is possible due to next-gen console hardware.

Here’s an excerpt of the conversation:

Visual fidelity is always lovely, but, you know, well. I think Dishonored two and Outsider look splendid, so if I can have that running at 60fps in 4K on my console, I would be already pretty happy.

I think everything that has been mentioned about fast loading is, of course, exciting. Minimizing the downtimes during a playthrough, that’s nice. If you’re going for something like an open world, streaming would be excellent, if it’s as fast as we’ve seen.

AI, physics simulation, there are many things you can do when you’re developing a game for those platforms. There will be a third-generation, similar to other generations of games. There is a first-generation that starts to touch the technology. But when we are well into this generation, it will be pretty exciting for us—AI, physics, all those things that reinforce our games’ interactivity a lot.

We are excited to spend it, rather than – well, I was going to say, ‘rather than split our hair about how to make it fit the memory,’ but I think even with more memory, we’ll still try to get so much out of it that we will always split our hair. Don’t worry. You will yet have three bald guys in the room. It will not change. But, yes. I think that’s exciting. More agents in the world, more simulation, and for Sebastien Mitton (art director at Arkane) and his teams, also the ability to do a lot of things we weren’t able to. And that’s already starting, in disguise.

Note that Arkane’s next project is DEATH LOOP which was announced at E3 2019, it will entail the continuous struggle between two skilled assassins. While no release date has been officially set, we can only hope to get an actual date in the coming months.