Deathloop Has A New Gameplay Trailer Out Now From PlayStation’s State Of Play Stream

Deathloop Has A New Gameplay Trailer Out Now From PlayStation’s State Of Play Stream
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Deathloopis showing to be a pretty unique shooter from the developer Arkane Studios. They’ve clearly went all in on the looping nature, which sees an assassin named Colt try to get out of a never-ending time loop by taking out assassins before the clock resets and he’s forced to relive the same events over again.

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It’s one of the more unique shooter concepts in recent memory where players have to use a lot of strategy to figure out the looping puzzle that can change on a dime. There’s also the multiplayer aspect where players can jump in another player’s session as the rival assassin, Julianna.

The game certainly has a lot of novelty going for it and thanks to a new gameplay trailer, there are even more aspects to break down leading up to Deathloop’s May release. The new trailer comes from PlayStation’s State of Play event that kicked off early today (February 25th).

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In the trailer, we see an official song for the game get featured called Deja Vu — featuring Sencit Music and FJORA. It definitely gives Deathloop a spy-movie feel, almost like something taken out of a James Bond movie.

In addition to this catchy song, the looping design is featured. If you’re killed by any of the assassins as Colt, time resets and you have to start your attacks all over again. That gives you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes, and it may take many failed attempts before you finally see the paths you need to take.

That’s a pretty interesting design that should give Deathloop a lot of replayability. There’s also a heavy focus on Colt’s rival, Julianna. She can appear out of nowhere just as you figure out which tactics to implement. That should keep players on their toes throughout their looping adventures.

If you want to see for yourself the direction that Arkane Studios is taking Deathloop in, then check out the trailer up above. The combat looks pretty decent already, featuring a bevy of unique resources that should give players fun ways to take out target assassins.

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Only a couple of more months now before Deathloopwill be officially out. It’s pretty early still, but the last couple of gameplay trailers are showing a fun shooter that is a welcomed addition to the pretty crowded shooter space. Let’s see if it can live up to the hype and innovate the shooter genre as well post-launch.