More Details Of Deathloop Were Recently Shared By Game And Art Director

More Details Of Deathloop Were Recently Shared By Game And Art Director
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Deathloop is one of the more unique action-adventure games set to come out this year. It puts players in the role of an assassin named Colt, who is stuck in a time loop. It’s like a scene straight from Ground Hog Day or perhaps more fitting Happy Death Day.

In order to break this never-ending loop, Colt must take out eight targets all before midnight. However, the positions of these eight targets and their skills all vary. Thus, players will have to deal with puzzle-solving mechanics to figure out the best path for each target.

It’s a pretty interesting concept and so far, we’ve seen an official cinematic trailer and some footage of gameplay. The game has first-person visuals that are analogous to what has been featured in the BioShock series.

And just recently, a new trailer for Deathloop surfaced. It features Game Director Dinga Bakaba and Art Director Sebastien Mitton. They give us more details on Deathloop’s design and story.

They start off recounting what we already know about the story. Colt is an assassin forced to re-live the same day over and over again. He’ll have to study his opponent’s moves and behaviors to figure out a successful plan of attack. Dying and starting over will be a regular occurrence early on.

Through trial and error, though, players will begin gaining more knowledge that gives them more of an upper hand in these battles. Playing the same day over and over again may sound repetitive, but it really works for Deathloop’s design. There are numerous ways to approach the deadly opponents and always new paths to take.

The directors then spotlight a rival assassin named Juliana. Her only task is to foil your efforts of breaking the loop. Players will thus have to stay on guard while they pursue the various enemies scattered throughout the mysterious island.

It is then revealed that players will also be able to play as Juliana in other people’s games. That’s a pretty unique concept that keeps gameplay fresh. You can play the hero or villain depending on what particular mood you’re in.

Finally, the island of Blackreef is talked about in greater detail. The directors go into their inspirations for creating the island the way it is. Visually, Blackreef is teeming in atmosphere.

Deathloop certainly looks like an interesting game you have to check out for the sake of novelty alone. The gaming community seems to be receptive to its looping designs thus far.