Deathloop Reveal Trailer – New Game From Arkane Lyon, The Studio Behind Dishonored

Deathloop Reveal Trailer – New Game From Arkane Lyon, The Studio Behind Dishonored
Credit: Bethesda Softworks via YouTube

Arkane Lyon’s games are always a highly anticipated part of Bethesda Softwork’s E3 show. From the studio that brought you Prey and Dishonored comes a brand new game: DEATHLOOP.

In what appears to be a Dishonored meets Groundhog Day meets Mr and Mrs Smith (but way more badass and a lot less cheesy), DEATHLOOP is about two assassins – The “Captain” and “Jules” – who are destined to repeat the same day over and over, killing the other before they get killed themselves. It’s the newest title from Arkane Lyon and already fans are looking forward to getting their hands on the newest game from the studio behind some of the best action-adventure games of the last few years.

Set in the grim world of Blackreef, the game trailer is faintly reminiscent of Dishonored with its art style and wacky-looking creeps wandering the city streets at the beginning of the trailer. The combat looks to be similar as well, with two highly-skilled assassins coming to life with the awesome mechanics Arkane’s games are known for. There are special powers and dual-wield sub-machine guns – what more do you want from a video game?

Other than this brief glimpse into the upcoming DEATHLOOP, no one knows much about the game. Speculation has already begun over whether the game is another single player hack-and-slash driven by a wild story, as Arkane is known for. At E3’s press conference it was announced the game would have a “mind-bending” story and “meticulously designed levels” which certainly sounds like the studio’s previous games.

Fans are loving the fact DEATHLOOP features two black leading characters, one of the first video games ever to do so. Likewise, in the murky waters of several mobile game announcements, everyone, including me, was glad to see something else pop-up from Bethesda’s E3 show. I think a few people out there were looking forward to a Dishonored 3, but for now, DEATHLOOP looks to itch that Arkane-itch.

The studio’s last game, Prey, was released in 2017. It received critical and fan praise for its intense narrative and adrenaline-pumping level design. I hope that Arkane can capture some of that underlying terror that was Prey and pump into it DEATHLOOP.