Deathloop Received An Official World Premiere Reveal At E3; Features Groundhog Day-Like Time Loop

Deathloop Received An Official World Premiere Reveal At E3; Features Groundhog Day-Like Time Loop
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

Everyone is pretty familiar with the movie Groundhog Day. The main protagonist wakes up like it’s a normal day. The next day is the exact same, and after several days of this repetition, the character realizes they’re in a loop. We’ve seen this same concept executed in movies time and time again.

But what if this loop concept was in a video game? That’s what Deathloop is aiming to achieve. Developed by Arkane, this first-person action game features two deadly assassins trapped on a mysterious island. There’s a broken down space ship and metal-face thugs out to kill you. So far, so good.

The kicker is these two assassins are stuck in a loop that repeats itself over and over again. Here in lies the Groundhog Day comparisons. One of the assassins wants to keep the loop open, so events keep repeating. The other is content on destroying the loop to restore time to its natural order.

Already, Deathloop seems like a novel video game that should make for some interesting moments. The developers are saying there will be plenty of targets to take out on the island, which is called Black Reef.

There is no official release date for Deathloop, but we did get a sneak peak of everything it will offer. Right away, Black Reef seems like an interesting environment that you’ll have plenty of time to explore.

The assassin that wants to end the loop is a man in his late 40s, it appears. He seems hellbent on destroying whatever mechanism is causing him to relive each day. It appears like he’s on the verge of losing his mind, so destroying the loop is his top priority.

Conversely, the assassin that wants to preserve the loop is a woman. She seems to be in a pure state of bliss, where she can do anything she wants on this island and not have to worry about the consequences of death.

The developers at Arkane did an amazing job at juxtaposing the woman with the man. They truly do seem like polar opposites, and it will be intriguing to see how their stories intersect with each other.

It makes sense that players will have the option to choose which side they’re on. Also, Black Reef seems to be pretty massive in scale. This should lead to some fun open-world exploration.

The CGI featured in the official trailer reveal looks amazing. Hopefully, we get some gameplay footage soon to see what the graphics will actually look like. Everything seems promising with Deathloop right out of the gate, which is a good sign.