Sons of the Forest, an upcoming survival horror film, has been postponed until the coming year

Sons of the Forest, an upcoming survival horror film, has been postponed until the coming year
Credit: pcgamer

The upcoming survival horror film Sons of the Forest has been postponed.

The sequel to The Forest, scheduled to release soon, has been delayed, according to the game’s creator, Endnight Games, so that they can improve it.

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It has been challenging to set an exact release date for their upcoming game, Sons Of The Forest, because of its breadth, and they announced the delay via Twitter today. We’ll release it on February 23, 2023, at a suggested retail price of USD 29.99 to give us time to finish the polish.

Sons of the Forest, a direct sequel to 2014’s The Forest, which followed the life of Eric LeBlanc, a plane crash survivor who was forced to battle cannibalistic beasts while trying to find his son Timmy, promises more eerie gameplay.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the sequel has been postponed.

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It’s a shame because the most current trailer for Sons of the Forest creates such an amazingly horrifying picture that the film has already been delayed three months from its original release date. Nevertheless, it’s an obvious choice for horror fans everywhere because it draws inspiration from movies like The Descent and Cannibal Holocaust.

However, you’ll have to wait a little longer before seeing it.
It’s a terrifying survival experience that knows how to play with suspense and conveys a sense of the natural world with many internal dynamics and mysteries I was eager to unravel. The story has a purposeful flow that doesn’t linger too long; it is I Am Legend told in the heart of the wilderness. At your own risk, ignore the signs posted on the walls and tucked away in the foliage, and you should dare to do so if you want a truly unique and terrifying survival horror experience.

And if a recent 12-second montage of gameplay footage is any indication, this sequel continues the body horror heritage.