Saturnalia Has A New Survival Horror Trailer That Is Hauntingly Chilly

Saturnalia Has A New Survival Horror Trailer That Is Hauntingly Chilly
Credit: Epic Games XO

The Astrophysicists Guild and Santa Ragione have been hard at work on a new survival horror title called Saturnalia. This unique title is a unique dedication to the holidays as it placed players in the unsettling abyss of the Winter Solstice. Explore the St. Lucy’s Day celebration where St. Lucy holds her own eyes on a platter in this horror title.

The game is a procedurally generated and stylized horror holiday experience. players can explore the title as they slowly unveil the dark secrets hidden within this strange winter world. The game’s description gives off a creepy vibe, and the trailer makes a horrific promise for a chilling good time for any horror game fan.

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Saturnalia takes place in Sardinia, Italy. Here, an isolated village of people perform an ancient ritual where people disappear during the winter solstice. In the year 1989, a group of strangers team up to survive and unfold the secrets of the night as Saturnalia introduces a new name into the horror experience of fans.

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This is a title where players interact with characters that continue until they eventually die. No character is played twice, as each has their own unique experience in the unique village of horror.

To make things even more complicated, the village will slowly change with each play through. Everything gets randomized, and in a true rogue-lite fashion players will have to relearn their path in each run.

Manage a supply of matches, explore the village, and solve puzzles. While you are essentially defenseless, players can always hide and run from the horror that constantly seeks their undivided attention.

This unique story uses a folklore that has not been seen before. This means that it is taking advantage of its unique artistic style and mixes it with unhead-of visuals, sounds, and more. Explore into the depths of horror with a narrative that adapts to player movements and changes based on what the player has known from previous life experiences.

This is not a simple game. Players will die over and over as they try to uncover the epic and driving story buried in a winter solstice narrative.

This title is best left to mature audiences. Players should be aware that as a horror experience it can often be a driving and desolate journey into mental insanity.

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Saturnalia is set to release through the Epic Games Store sometime in 2021. There is currently no confirmed release date for this title.