Resident Evil Developers Discuss Nemesis And Resident Evil Resistance In Latest PlayStation Blog

Resident Evil Developers Discuss Nemesis And Resident Evil Resistance In Latest PlayStation Blog
Credit: PlayStation Europe via YouTube

The Resident Evil franchise has seen a massive resurgence in the last few years. Much of this is due to the remastered releases of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, which have both been extremely well-received titles.

Additionally, the release of Resident Evil Resistance brought a wonderful multiplayer element to the franchise that players have been enjoying immensely. As the iconic horror franchise continues forward to more remakes and possibly more releases, things seem to be looking bright.

Recently, PlayStation’s Tim Turi interviewed the development staff behind the titles, asking a myriad of questions to gain an insight into the development philosophy that fueled the team. The interview is included in the tweet placed below, but be careful for spoilers!

One of the most recent developments in the franchise is the addition of Nicholai Ginovaef as a new Mastermind in Resistance. Ginovaef will be able to summon Nemesis, the iconic antagonist of Resident Evil 3 to terrorize the survivors.

One of the most interesting moments of the interview is the discussion around how Nemesis remained faithful to the original iteration rather than being turned into something that might fit today’s standards of horror. Speaking on the limited voice lines of Nemesis, the developers had the following to say:

“In the early development stages, we definitely considered adding more dialogue to showcase its heightened intelligence. Halfway through, there was also a phase where we thought too much dialogue would make Nemesis less scary, so we had considered the option of having it not speak at all. At the end of the day, part of Nemesis’s fear factor is its relentless pursuit in eliminating all S.T.A.R.S. members, so we left the ‘S.T.A.R.S.’ phrase in there as a means of conveying that to the player.”

Nemesis has a new ability as well, though, coming to the field with more than just his previous terrifying set-up. The horror can now infect zombies with parasites reminiscent of those in Resident Evil 4.

The developers discussed this as a means of setting the Nemesis a bit farther away from his predecessor, the Tyrant. They wanted this iteration to come across as a more formidable opponent and gave him the means to prove that.

A point of pride comes from the fans and player base, though. With such a horrific opponent, players haven’t run out of ways to take Nemesis down. The development team discussed the different strategies players approach both Type 1 and Type 2 with, fighting against both intelligence and physical brawn with different tactics.

All in all, the interview is an incredibly in-depth look at a side of development that we as players don’t often get to see. It’s more than worth a thorough read, so head over to the PlayStation blog and take it all in!