Resident Evil 8 Could Feature Folk Horror Elements According To Latest Rumors

Resident Evil 8 Could Feature Folk Horror Elements According To Latest Rumors
Credit: SwingPoynt via YouTube

While many survival-horror fans are enjoying the Resident Evil remakes from Capcom, there are still a ton of gamers interested in seeing the continuation of the franchise. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was highly successful and ended in an interesting place.

If you’re not familiar, it centers around a creepy family in rural america who are infected with some genetic viral mutation. It’s taking over the area and it looks like that subject matter will be much of the focus in Resident Evil 8. Although this next installment isn’t slated to come out any time soon, rumors have circulated around the gaming community.

Some more recent ones are indicating a more folk-horror experience. A name has also surfaced called Village. Capcom has yet to confirm or deny these rumors, which seems to indicate they’re in fact true. If so, that sets up this next installment for an interesting direction. Castles, country settings, and even werewolves have been teased along with the ever-evolving virus infecting the community.

Maybe this game is going back in time when people have limited access to technology. That would certainly allow the folk elements to shine bright as villagers around the area don’t know what’s true and what’s urban legend.

It would be very interesting to see a Resident Evil game set during early civilization. We have yet to see this concept broached by Capcom as of yet so the idea instantly makes Resident Evil 8 unique. Rumors are also suggesting occult themes.

These details sound eerily similar to Resident Evil 4. There have been talks of this beloved title also getting a remake, which would definitely be an interesting choice considering the direction Resident Evil 8 might be going in.

It’s a little too early to really make sense of what’s true and what’s false, but Resident Evil 8 has a lot of potential. Capcom can really push the series to new heights and directions, particularly in regards to gameplay and enemies. At the heart, these elements are what Resident Evil fans have come to love over the years.

Which camera perspective Capcom decides to use in this upcoming installment is also getting the community buzzing. They’ve done a good job at utilizing the over-the-shoulder camera with the remakes, but first-person angles are just so effective at immersing you in the horror action. Hopefully as we get further into the year, Capcom decides to put out some official details sooner rather than later.